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December 22, 2009

Today, I am surprisingly calm.  Usually the entire week before Christmas is a frantic rush to get everything done.  This year, I am ready ahead of time.  My house needs cleaning, but that is not a “Christmas” task.  (So does my CAR.)  I am done with all of the preparations except one, which is optional at this point.

This morning was a little bit frantic, but only for about 20 minutes.  Today is the last day of school before winter break.  That meant that this morning was cookie delivery time at school!  The last of the cookies were baked and frosted last night.  It had been three solid days of baking, mostly for Jeff.  He likes to make a bazillion different kinds of cookies and always tries some new varieties every year.  I was doing the cards and finishing the wrapping while he puttered away with sprinkles and egg wash.  My job in the cookie department is:  My grandma’s Sour Cream cookies–both chocolate and butterscotch; Sugar cookies and Gingerbread cookies.  The Most Important cookies, don’t you think?  The kids help with the sugar and gingerbread cookies and they had been begging all weekend to make them.  I, of course, saved them for last.  I had the dough for the gingerbread done and in the fridge, and we began making the sugar cookies after school.

Sarah, Nicholas and Katie ready to bake!

Katie stirring away...

Preparing the dough for rolling...

Jeff and Sarah decorating

I had help on and off before dinner.  (I was baking gingerbread and making dinner at the same time.)  After the dinner dishes were done, it was time to decorate, and that went on well past bedtime.  We all “accidentally” broke our fair share of cookies and had to eat them–yum.  And, we all went to bed with the faint scent of sweetness on the tips of our fingers.

I woke up early to get ready before the big cookie distribution.  I fed the children and made sure that everyone had real clothes on before I brought the bags out of the freezer.

I couldn't even get them all in the picture!

And then…the distribution began!

We waited for the bus to come, and Sarah ran out to give the bus driver a plate, then we packed up three more plates for their teachers and headed off to school to deliver them.  We made plates for our neighbors and Jeff’s coworkers as well, but they will be delivered later today and on Thursday.

It is difficult to try and instill the gift of giving in our culture.  It seems like there are always advertisements blaring out at you (and everyone) trying to entice the masses to get more and buy more.  Kids hear us complain that we need to go back to the mall to get another gift, and they see how stressful it is to get everyone’s list in order so the shopping can begin.  The children also LOVE to get presents.  That is the beauty of Christmas for them, as it was for me when I was their age.  So, we bake cookies.  And give them away.  It pays off, too.  When we got home from delivering the cookies at school this morning, Nicholas saw all of the plates that were still on the table.  He asked, “Are all of those cookies for US?”  I said, “They are for our neighbors and daddy’s coworkers.”  And he answered, “Oh, yeah, that is what Christmas is all about…giving, right Mommy?”  That’s right Nicholas, that’s right.

  1. December 23, 2009 9:27 am

    Growing up, we did the same thing with our mother. We would bake in advance, freeze and then hand out at Chritmas. To this day people still comment that it was their favorite gifts. I should carry this over into my house now. Thanks!

    • December 23, 2009 10:05 pm

      I think you should! It is really fun, and people really seem to enjoy the cookies and the thoughtfulness of it. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. December 23, 2009 3:07 pm

    Holy crap, Megsie, that is a BOATLOAD of cookies! *bows*

    Can I come over to YOUR place for Christmas?! :D

    • December 23, 2009 10:07 pm

      You are more than welcome, come on over! What kind are your favorite so I can hide them. Otherwise they might be gone before you get here :)

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