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Snapshot of the Early Morning…Snow

December 24, 2009

The hushed quiet of the snow permeates throughout the neighborhood.  Everything is heavy with white.  My boots disappear as I enter this white paradise, searching for a shovel.  In the distance, the sound of a lone shovel scraping the pavement echos.  Soon my own shovel joins the chorus.  It is too early for snowplows, or snow blowers.  Jeff is faster than I am, moving great drifts easily.  I trudge along, one scoop at a time.  Soon, I am too warm.  I take off my mittens and shove them into my pocket.  I keep scooping, and throwing the snow.  The snow bank is already too high for me to clear.  I begin filling my shovel, then walk to a lower bank to dump.

It feels good to be out in the fresh powder, early, before anybody else is up.  The silence brings peace, and the repetitive motion, comfort.  I know by March, I will be ready for the snow to be gone.  Shoveling will eventually lose it’s sparkle, and become drudgery–like laundry and dishes.  But right now, on this Christmas Eve, it is brilliant–sacred.

We finish the driveway and wade knee-deep to the backyard patio.  Franklin will need to go outside soon, and the snow would cover him up to his back.  The patio is smooth and easy to clear.  Soon we wade back to begin dusting off my car, and shoveling the street.  The snow-plow will be around soon.  The plowed snow is extra heavy and difficult for me to carry, so we try and shovel most of the snow in front of our driveway.  Jeff goes inside to get ready for work, and I keep filling my shovel…walk…dump.  I am alone now.  The rhythmic motion helps me clear my head, and revel in the beauty all around me.  I know that this is a gift.  This time, this peace.  Gratitude fills me as little voices ring out from my front door, “Mommy!”  they call.  My time is almost up, but I push the boundary and keep shoveling.  I am rushing now, and the moment passes.  Breakfast looms, as I head indoors.

  1. December 26, 2009 9:30 am

    Love this meditation on snow shoveling. So beautiful, Meg. Having to deal with snow just to get out of the house is such a different reality…lately, we’re having thunderstorms!

    • December 26, 2009 3:24 pm

      Can you believe that it rained here last night as well? It got up to 37 degrees and there was about an inch of slush when we went outside to go to Jeff’s parent’s house last night. Now the temp has gone back down and it is snowing again. Crazy to have rain here on Christmas!

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