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A Random Smattering of Thoughts

January 7, 2010

Good Morning.  First thing I want to tell you is the Squam  Art Workshops schedule is up and there are FIVE different sessions.  I want to pack my suitcase and MOVE there so I don’t have to miss any of them, but there is no $$$ for any road trip for me.  I really wish there were home study packets so I could try to follow along here.  All of the classes sound AMAZING.  I know, because I spent a big chunk of my day yesterday reading EVERY class description.  Even if I were able to go, I don’t know how I would choose which classes to take.  Elizabeth is simply incredible.  She has put together FIVE magical weekends for all of you out there who can attend.  Go check it out!  And, if you want to take me with you, I would love to take advantage of your generosity.

It has been so cold here for the past…forever, it seems.  Now it is snowing, yet still arctic, which is unfair.  It takes the joy out of shoveling.  Jeff actually fired up the snow blower this morning, which is really cheating, he even admitted it.  However, there is something about snow.  It makes everything quiet and peaceful and fresh.  I have to go out this afternoon (with friends for coffee…I know, such a burden) but if I didn’t, it would be the perfect day to light a fire in the fireplace and curl up under an afghan.  That would not help my house cleaning efforts either, would it?  The Christmas tree looms large in my living room, and needs to be put to rest for another year.  Whenever I say that out loud, my kids go and sit directly under it and stare at the twinkling lights.  I think I have warned them enough and today is the day.  Christmas really needs to sleep now so it has just as much magic for next year as it had this year.

I have been doing well with my resolutions so far, and I have also done well in the “not getting overwhelmed” goal.  I am just plugging along.  Yesterday, I joined Weight Watchers and am now working the program.  I am just doing the food part now, which is my struggle.  I love to graze all day.  This paired with the organization/purging of junk from our house is good.  Busy hands can’t shove food into the large orifice on my face.  I went to Target yesterday and purchased a couple large trunks to store the stuff that I need handy, but looks awful all piled up in a corner.  I am not done with this task, but one corner is nice and tidy.  Boy, does that feel good.  There are six bags of puzzles, games, and videos that are ready to leave our house as well, YES!

Well, the snow is piling up, I should go shovel.  Time to begin my day!  Hope your day has as much potential as mine does, I am really liking 2010!

  1. January 7, 2010 12:11 pm

    Hello motivation! There you are!! When you are done over at Megsie’s would you PLEASE get your buns over here and help ME out? My motivation is still shoveling things at record pace into my piehole. URGH.

    • January 10, 2010 5:19 pm

      OK. I almost forgot about my commitment to reply…sorry for the delay. Yes. Motivation visited here, and then got kicked aside with mandatory activities. This weekend has been crazy and tomorrow will be as well. And possibly the rest of the week. My tree is STILL UP! It might be up until NEXT WEEK, because I have so many “have to do-s” this week. Yikes!

  2. January 8, 2010 9:13 am

    I’ve been revoltingly lazy all week, really, and last night I had to give myself a little talking-to. I need to make a list of the projects I want to get done (cleaning out closets, etc.) and tackle one of those a day. Or they can spread out over two days, really, but I just need SOMETHING to do!

    Loving the thought of your kids scampering off to look at the Christmas lights…do you think they need some in their room?

    Isn’t SQUAM just magnificent in its offerings? It’s crazy good stuff. You know, I’ve made a pretty vocal commitment about going and I am officially freaking out. I’ve got gremlins whispering in my ears and I’m trying to squelch them. Let’s just say, I’m going to be buying a lot less yarn over here!

    • January 10, 2010 5:21 pm

      Which SQUAM week are you intending on attending? I AM SO JEALOUS! It would be so much fun to go, especially if YOU would be there too!

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