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Three Things, and Then Some

May 2, 2010

First of all, can I tell you that I am glad I am done writing about my trip?  While I was writing all the vacation stuff, I had tons of things that I wanted to share with you.  So. Many. Topics.  Then, I thought that I shouldn’t write the next day after I posted, because I wanted to give people a chance to read.  You know, because I have so many readers.  So I waited, with anticipation, to get back to “normal” posting.  (Nevermind that I have never reached such a status.)  Suddenly, it was time to write a post.  Hurray!  I can write whatever I want, and I don’t have to upload pictures (which takes all day)!  So, I sat down.  “Now, what should I start with?” I thought.  Guess what?  Nothing came to mind.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  So, I tried the next day.  And the next, and then the next….  Here I am today, with my butt in the chair, writing anyway.  Let me apologize in advance.

First thing:  GREAT NEWS!  Christina’s project over at Kickstarter is fully funded!  Congratulations to her!  She has a challenge for everyone to donate one dollar to her book A Field Guide to Now in honor of following your own bliss.  Check it out! I can’t wait to read her book.  She is an incredible writer.

Second thing:  A true story.  I was making dinner.  I was on the phone.  Jeff was home from work early, and was sitting in the living room playing a game on his iphone.  Sarah was watching him play.  Katie and Nicholas were playing outside.  (Side note:  SPRING!)  Suddenly, I hear what sounds like a herd of wild horses approaching the front door, and they continued on towards the kitchen.  Nicholas:  “MOMMY, MOMMY!  MOMMY!”  I tell whoever I am talking to to hold on because I think one of his limbs may be hanging by a thread.  Nicholas:  “MOMMY!  LOOK!  MOMMY!  YOU HAVE TO SAY ‘WHAT THE HELL’ WHEN YOU SEE THIS!”  I look and see that there is a green plant-like thing in his hand, and then say, “WHAT did you say?”  He answers:  “YOU HAVE TO SAY ‘WHAT THE HELL’ WHEN YOU SEE THIS!  LOOK!  It is a CLOVER.  LOOK at how BIG  it is!  You just have to say ‘WHAT THE HELL’ now.”  I repeat, “WHAT did you say?”  He explains, “I said that YOU have to say it, not me.”  Well, in that case….  (I did explain that he couldn’t say it.  But, apparently not well.  I had told him that I am old enough to say “What the hell” whenever I want, but he couldn’t until he was a grown-up.  I had to go a step further and tell him that he couldn’t tell me to say it either.)

Third thing:  I have been busy crocheting a baby blanket and knitting hats for one of our babysitters whose baby was due in June.  She had to be induced on Friday at 33 weeks.  She and her new baby girl are doing fine.  I made an emergency premie hat that she can put on the new babe while she is in the hospital.  We went to visit her yesterday, and saw pictures of the baby.  The baby is just over 3 pounds.  So.  Tiny.  She looks like she could fit in the palm of your hand.  A whole new person has joined us.  It always leaves me in awe.  I really need to kick it in gear and finish that blanket now though.  I thought I had plenty of time, but I don’t anymore!  I will post pictures when I am done.

Well.  That is all I’ve got tonight.  Nicholas and Katie have a playdate tomorrow morning, here.  I need to start cleaning out closets and the basement.  I loathe that job.  But, I am so sick of the mess that I am almost motivated to start.   And, I began running yesterday.  I run one minute, walk nine minutes four times so I am gone for forty minutes.  I am very out of shape.  The daily sauntering has not prepared me for the next step.  Oh, well.  Anyone can run for one minute.  I am already worried about Saturday though.  Then I have to run two minutes and walk eight minutes four times.  That is double what I am doing now!

Anything new with you?  Do you have a funny story to share?

  1. May 2, 2010 9:51 pm

    This sounds a little like the couch to 5k program I’m doing. I started 6 weeks ago, a COMPLETE couch potato (actually i’ve been chronically ill), and today I ran 25 minutes straight for the first time in my life, no problem. It feels SO good. You can do it!!!

    • May 9, 2010 2:08 pm

      Good for you Sara! I know that I can do it, I have (several times) before. I just need to work on the whole “not quitting” thing. I haven’t run since last September….ouch.

  2. Jamie Fisher permalink
    May 3, 2010 7:09 am

    OMG I laughed soooo hard at the “Nicholas” story!! When my son had just turned 4 he overheard the “f word” outside. A little while later we were in the grocery store & he used it. So I calmly (yes, really) explained that it’s an ugly word & we should use our mouth to say loving things and beautiful things… Evidently I made my point because he began emphatically promising OUT LOUD to “Never say fuc* again. Never, Mama. I will not ever say fuc*. If I get mad I will say ‘I am mad,’ I will not say… ” You get the idea. There I stood with my 4-yr-old saying it a half dozen times. Fabulous.
    I saw your post on Christina’s site–I LOVED Girl With the Dragon Tatoo! Stieg Larrson (I htink that’s spelled correctly) wrote 2 in the series. I just got lost listening to them. Uh, yeah, I’m a pathetically slow reader so I get unabridged audiobooks. Is that lame? One of the books is pretty graphic in parts, but it somehow seemed to fit. I did swear that I wouldn’t recommend it in case someone thought I had no moral compass, but it really did seem part of the story. I do think Tatoo is the book. Hope you enjoy.
    ALSO how thu-rilling is Christina’s project?!?!?!?!?!? I’m really happy! She keeps referring to a future maybe somewhere else–for some reason I don’t want them to move! How weird is that?! I don’t particularly like change, I guess!
    I’ve been trying to start a blog due to your invitation! (I felt like such a celebrity!) I’m getting overwhelmed in the minutia & I’m not very blog-literate! Did you follow a tutorial, or am I just a doofus???
    Enjoy your flip-flops!!!

    • May 9, 2010 2:14 pm

      Hi Jamie~
      I loved your similar story. If I get mad, I promise…I will TRY not to say f*** either. Good thing to strive for, right?
      I have started The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but I am not very far, I haven’t had a lot of reading time. But now, I am soooooo excited to read it! I like a little smut now and again.
      I have the same thing going on with Christina–I don’t want her to move either. I love her photos and stories about her home and their neighborhood. I am sure if she does move, she will have equally excellent stories, but I have become attached…crazy.
      When will you be done with that darn blog? I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  3. May 3, 2010 8:35 am

    Oh, I want to encourage Jamie to start a blog, too! Come on, Jamie! Do it!

    I love your WHAT THE HELL story! I swear to you, I think Thomas has started saying, “Oh, sh*t!” I really don’t curse very often – though in crisis situations I let loose – and Beaux has tried to cut back in front of him (though it’s hard because he works with crusty, good-old-boy working men). He says it happily, say, when he’s bouncing on the couch. I’m just ignoring it for now.

    Good job on the running/walking! That’s a great way to start. Though running for that one minute can feel oh so long…

    So excited about Christina’s project! AMAZING…for years I’ve been longing for a book of hers to be in my hands, and now it’s happening…and WE helped make it happen!

    • May 9, 2010 2:16 pm

      I also have an “Oh, Sh*t story. Remind me to tell it later. Sarah is the star of that one. I probably curse too much, but usually not in front of the children! I think they eavesdrop on my phone conversations.

  4. May 3, 2010 1:15 pm

    Martin has taken to saying “What the Ph….” WAY too often. He’s been getting the stinkeye and a slap upside the head when I can reach him which is rare since he’s faster than I am, by far.

    Here’s a story for you, that I have yet to blog about, though I did post it in FB. You know those pants he put in the wash that I did blog about? Yeah they had his mobile phone in the pocket. WHAT THE HELL, indeed.

    • May 9, 2010 2:18 pm

      Oh, dear Liz… I have kids who stop at “What the…” and I always bark at them NOT to say that. They have taken to quickly saying “heck” if I am around. I am not looking forward to the “ph.” Again, I am so glad the phone works! Hurray!

  5. May 5, 2010 9:08 am

    That Nicholas story is great! It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart sees a dam and takes full advantage by chanting non-stop “Dam! Dam! Dam! Dam! Dam! Dam!” to his mother’s chagrin. Kids are so good at wiggling through loopholes in the rules, aren’t they? Unfortunately, if either of my girls is ever heard repeating cuss words in English, I will get 100% of the credit and my husband will realize I am not the pure and innocent woman I appear. :) (They already know plenty of choice expressions in Italian, the most recent one being “Che palle!” — What balls! — which is used like “What a pain in the ass!” I’m just waiting until they discover all the other anatomy-related swears… Italian is a colorful language!)

  6. May 9, 2010 2:22 pm

    I love that you are comparing my children to Bart Simpson….it fits. I think. I have never really watched :) I totally want to learn how to curse in Italian now. I am practicing “Che palle” but I am not sure of the pronunciation. A little help, please?

    • May 10, 2010 7:50 am

      Pronunciation: Kay Pall (rhymes with ball) – lay! Just use it whenever you’re annoyed, and you’ll be a regular cussing Italian… preschooler. :)

      • May 10, 2010 7:54 am

        *practicing already* trying with some attitude, Thanks Bethany!

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