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June 2, 2010

Today I pretended to be at the Squam Art Workshop.  I have been working on a baby blanket for my baby sitter and I crocheted today thinking good thoughts for everyone who is lucky enough to actually be there this week.  I have about two and a half more balls to go and it will be done.  Then I can make a little bitty hat and maybe even attempt to make booties.  I have never tried booties, but wouldn’t that be cute?  Matching hat and booties?  I don’t know when this baby will be getting out of the NICU, but I am betting it will be pretty soon.  I want to have everything ready for her when she goes home.

Katie had a soft ball game tonight.  She has a softball game every Monday and Wednesday nights.  Nicholas has baseball on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  We have gotten to know our lawn chairs very well since the season has started.  It is hard because we have to be at the ball field right about when we are usually eating dinner.  Our whole schedule is kiddy-wampus, and we don’t usually get home until bedtime.  Katie lost her game tonight, but she had two hits and got to run the bases!  This is a huge development because she usually strikes out.  She is so cute out there.  So animated.  I told Jeff that we need to bring the video camera to record how she throws a ball and how she fields.  I don’t want to forget how adorable it is.

I am not so sure about this Nablopoma thing.  I am still paralyzed about writing when I don’t have anything profound to share.  Because, you all know how very profound I am, right?  Extremely profound.  Right now, I am babbling and searching for something meaningful to put down on the page, and I don’t have much.  I have been procrastinating mostly during the day, in between the things that must get done.  I have a whole bunch of started projects that I have lost interest in, waiting for the motivation to return.  I hate this blah feeling.  I am bored, but I don’t want to do anything.  I have nothing to share that seems important or interesting.  I guess I signed up for Nablopoma because I needed a challenge, but now I am thinking maybe it will be a month of poorly written, boring posts.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  I am tired, and want to go to bed, so I think I will head upstairs.  Tomorrow, I will search for something that might actually be interesting.  We’ll see.  My life is really not that exciting.   How about your life?  Anything exciting to share?  Any questions you want to ask me to help me get some words on the page?  Anything?  Anything at all?

  1. June 3, 2010 8:51 am

    just keep writing! i was going to start this but had the same worries, at least you’re doing it! and i like reading about your life :) maybe i’ll start too, even though a few days late.

    • June 3, 2010 6:44 pm

      Sara!! Start! Really, misery loves company!

  2. June 3, 2010 11:42 am

    Not boring! I never even thought of pretending to be at Squam. I just wallowed in my sadness that I wasn’t. And there you are living in the spirit of it! You go, girl.

    I have nothing exciting to share other than 2 days of sunshine, and very cool breezes. And also that we got invited to an evening end-of-school party for Martin’s class the NIGHT BEFORE WE LEAVE for the States and how can I say no? And how can I say yes? AAAGH.

    Question: What’s your best memory from your last day of school (any year)?

    • June 3, 2010 6:51 pm

      I am so glad the sunshine has finally found you. You have had a rough May, weather-wise. We had that last year. NO FUN. It seems like whenever life is busy, something unexpected happens and then the craziness begins! I am sure your party will be awesome, and my bet is that you will be done with all your packing/organizing for your trip with time to spare! What day are you coming? Even though you won’t be close to me, you will still be in the same country! I am so excited for you to come!

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