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The Curse of the Abstact/Random

June 3, 2010

Today began in crisis mode.  Everything was put aside, and ignored except trying to find what was lost.  Something you should know about me is that I hate being unorganized, I hate being late, and I hate losing things.  I am also Abstract/Random.  I fantasize about being Concrete/Sequential.  I strive to look like I am Concrete/Sequential.  But, alas, I am nowhere near Concrete/Sequential. (More on this HERE.)

Remember when I was super busy a couple of weeks ago?  Remember when I told you about that week that took me by the ankle and dragged me behind it? Well, that was the week we had pictures for dance/softball/baseball.  That was the week the girls took out their dance costumes for the first time and got to put them on for the first time.  They were beside themselves with joy.  Sarah is in three dances for the recital.  She will do a tap dance, a ballet dance and a jazz dance.  For the pictures, they were only photographing ballet and jazz.  Her costume has one leotard and three different pieces for the three different dances.  A little skirt for tap, a big tu-tu  for ballet, and jazz pants for jazz (obviously).  I remember telling her not to bring the little tap skirt to pictures because we wouldn’t need it, and I didn’t want it to get lost.  Oh, the irony.  I remember her putting in on my table where I collect stuff that I need, but have no real place for it (see above:  Abstract/Random).  She remembers putting it on the table too.

Last night, I went to get costume paraphernalia off the junk table.  Everything was there for Katie.  (I took care of Katie’s things.)  Sarah had her costume in her room.  I asked her to get her stuff so we would be ready for the dress rehearsal tonight.  Obviously, there was no little jazz skirt.  I assumed it was in her room and chastised her for not leaving it on the table like I had told her to.  She was in angst, and teary because she did put it on the table!!  So, this morning, I figured I would find it right where she said it wasn’t.  This wasn’t the first time she swore up and down that she didn’t bring something-or-other upstairs, or downstairs, or in the car… whatever.  She loses track of her stuff, regularly.  However, it wasn’t in her room.  I should know.  I cleaned out her entire room, including her closet.  It wasn’t on my messy table, or the messy dining room table or in any other place where I stuff store things.  I spent my entire day searching and cleaning for that damn skirt, to no avail.  I know it couldn’t have walked away from here itself, I just don’t have any idea where it went.  And, I hate it!  I hate that I blamed Sarah, and now I think it was my fault.  I hate even more that it is probably my fault.  I hate being the irresponsible parent that lost part of the costume.  I hate that she feels bad that she doesn’t have her skirt.  HATE!  (See above:  strive to be Concrete/Sequential.)

The good thing is that Sarah’s room is clean.  And her closet!  That job I avoid like the plague!  So, yay!

I would like to thank Liz for the question in comments for yesterday’s post.  Feel free to ask your own.  I will answer it, but not today.  I am missing out on popcorn.  If I don’t get in there I won’t get any!  What are you anyway…Abstract/Random or Concrete/Sequential or something else?

  1. June 4, 2010 7:30 am

    I’m apparently abstract/sequential, though the test results tell me I struggle to take risks and write creatively, two things I do on a pretty regular basis. :) Sorry about the dance costume; there are few things in the world quite as stressful to me as losing something… especially when I know it should be right there! (P.S. – Could it have gotten mixed up with Katie’s costume by mistake?)

  2. June 4, 2010 8:14 am

    I didn’t write the disclaimer that I had not used that test thingy. I took a class ages ago on learning styles and found out my own curse. Did the other things sound right on, or did I find an inaccurate link? Obviously, you can write (!!). You are one of the best writers that I read! And risk-taking? Hello–lives in a different country, followed your own path (away from your family!). Maybe I should take that link down? I was hurrying, there was popcorn involved! As for the mixing up of costumes, no, that was not the case. Dress rehearsal went fine, and the skirt is so little that it wasn’t drastic that she didn’t have one on. But STILL! Ughhhh.

    On a side note, how do you do italics on a comment? I wish I were cool like you!

    • June 9, 2010 10:29 am

      The other characteristics seemed pretty spot-on, though the questions were kind of confusing (i.e. – just pick-a-word). I suppose that’s the difference between a class and a 5-minute questionnaire. :)
      If you want italics in a comment, just put (without the spaces) before the word you want italicized and (again, without spaces) after the word. You can also do b for bold and u for underline.

  3. June 4, 2010 2:08 pm

    Once I totally blamed Karin for losing our digital camera and yelled at her and insisted that she search the entire house and was really, really mad when she couldn’t find it. Then, MONTHS later, I found it. Where I had hidden it before we left for a week’s vacation. In my closet. Yes. Parenting FAIL.

    • June 4, 2010 8:48 pm

      I think I have been forgiven–by Sarah–not necessarily by myself. I just feel yucky about it. It is nice to know I am not the only one. xo


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