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Return of the Slacker

June 16, 2010

I am such a slacker.  Really.  In every aspect of my life, I slack off until I can slack no more.  Procrastination, if you need a big word to describe it, has my picture plastered next to it in order to illustrate the definition.  I have class tomorrow night.  I haven’t even looked at what my assignment is.  I have no idea how long it will take or what it entails.  Father’s day is on Sunday.  We are celebrating on Friday night with my dad and Saturday night with Jeff’s dad.  I have not purchased a card nor any gifts.  Not only that, but I don’t know what to buy as gifts.  Tomorrow is crunch time.  I will have to figure it all out and get it all done.  I usually do, in the nick of time, and not a second before.  So now I am stressed out about how behind I am.

Please note that I spent my day today knitting.  Yes.  This knitting project should have been done by now, because my babysitter’s baby has been home for a couple of weeks already, so I again have procrastinated getting it done, but I have so many other things to do, that today was an awesome knitting day.  My brain is weird.  (Yours may be as well if you could understand the rambling of that sentence.)  I have finished the baby blanket, and the hat, and I have begun the booties that I don’t know how to knit.  I will be heading over to knitting help . com after this post to figure it out.  (You would think that I would be figuring out my homework?  No.  Too early for that.)

I did feed my children, and deliver two to a play date on my way to my Weight Watcher’s meeting.  I lost weight this week, yay, but I am not working the program, so I think it is sort of a fluke.  But…it was the second week in a row of a loss.  Think of the body I would have right now if I actually tracked my food and worked the program….  And, why don’t I do that?  Who knows.  Slacker.  Anyway, Sarah had a friend over, and then we all had to go pick up the other kids, so that happened today, as well as softball.

Katie had an outstanding game today.  She got a hit every time she was up to bat.  She scored twice.  And she played first base.  She fielded a grounder and stepped on the base for an out all by herself!  It was huge.  The first time she played first base she was facing the wrong way, watching the outfield.  She has come a long way since then.  At the game there is a baby.  I get to hold the baby while the mom gets situated.  Such.  A.  Gift.  I don’t want a baby of my own, but I love holding other people’s babies.  I got to hold her twice tonight.  So.  Lucky.  My shirt was all soggy from baby drool.  I haven’t had that happen in a very long time.  Awesome.  I never thought I would think baby drool was awesome.  I always thought it was gross.  Babies are awesome, so their drool is too.

Oh!  And I forgot to tell you the really exciting news!  This won’t mean a hill of beans to anyone unless you are a teacher, but I registered for my Summer Literacy Institute on Monday!  I can’t wait!  It is my little vacation that I take every summer.  And this summer Georgia Heard, Ralph Fletcher, Stephanie Harvey and Lester Laminack are all key noting!  Oh, it is going to be awesome!  I absolutely can’t wait.  The best part is that I think my friend who used to teach with me is going to register too.  We used to go to this class every summer together when we were kid-less and working together.  It was so fun, it will be just like old times if she goes.  *Fingers crossed*

I am feeling the need to apologize that you guys are getting stream of consciousness writing on this here blog.  I haven’t answered Liz’s question yet, and I have a few other things rolling around in my head, but mostly I am tired and I have been posting after the kids are in bed (for obvious reasons) and by this time of night I just don’t have the energy to craft anything.  I want to be better than this, and I want to learn how to craft a good post, but I am so busy with my knitting, you know.  And my other slacking off things to do like reading an entire website of letters.  All I can say is someday I will wow you.  Someday I will figure it all out.  Someday my genius will brush up against my ankle and I will be able to put beautiful phrases together and choose words that pop off the page.  Someday, but not today.  Today, I am slacking off.

  1. June 17, 2010 5:12 am

    Today, you are writing a big long catcher-upper post that is about as far from slacking as one could get. When I am slacking off on my blog, THERE IS NO POST. So, you are way ahead of me, baby. Cut yourself some slack (slack! bwaha! I am funny)

    • June 17, 2010 7:06 am

      Oh, gosh…I laughed at loud at that, cut myself some slack…hahaha!

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