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June 17, 2010

Here is a secret:  I get very nervous if it is stormy.  Some might call it “scared” but that is such a harsh word, don’t you think?  My Grandma was always slightly freakish during storms.  She would make us turn off the TV and unplug it.  It was annoying.  My mom never made us turn the TV off, but I caught her more than once unplugging it before she went to bed on stormy nights.  She still calls me to update me about the radar.  Today, I called her, it was about Father’s Day, but she launched into the RED on the RADAR.  “All of Minnesota is RED,” she said.  I told her that I had class and the kids would be at the ball field (of course, where else would they be?).  “Oh, don’t tell me that!”  She said.

I caught myself eyeing the sky.  Did it look dark over there?  Ominous?  I kept checking the Athletic Association’s website to see if Nicholas’s (has anyone answered me about the ‘s on this?  Is it correct?) practice had been canceled, with no luck.  I actually turned the news on, which is so not like me at all.  I got sucked into the hype.  I told Jeff that I would feel better if they stayed home.  He ignored me.  “It isn’t even raining,” he said.  I peered out of the window again.  Definitely ominous.  At least it didn’t look green out.  Then I would have begun hyperventilating.

My family left for the ball park.  I did dishes and cranked some music so I could try and pretend that I wasn’t preoccupied with the dark clouds that seemed to gather before my eyes.  I turned it off to watch the weather on the news one more time.  I kenneled the little Franklin Dog and felt horrible leaving him.  He is scared of thunder.  I pictured him quivering in his kennel…all alone.  I also pictured my children getting sucked into a tornado, but I pushed that image right out of my mind.  It barely qualified as being in my mind at all, it was in there for such a short millisecond.  Really.  Hardly even thought of that.  Then I left for class.

It still wasn’t raining, but when I got out of my car I could feel the storm compressing the air.  The sky felt like it was pressing down on the Earth.  It was dark, but uneven because the sun hadn’t set and wasn’t scheduled to set for another two hours.  I slinked into my class.  My class distracted me, until around 8:30.  That was when we had our break.  I looked outside, and it had rained, but it didn’t look like it rained hard, or for long.  I called home to see if my family made it, and surprisingly they were all there.  Just fine.  No problem.  Practice ended shortly after it had begun because it started Thundering and Lightning, and so they came home.  Franklin shook through the storm, but lived.  I went back to class and pretended that calling home was what I had planned on doing during my break the whole time.  Pretended that I wasn’t scared.  That is just so babyish.

I hope it is all past us by now.  I am going to have to go to bed soon.  Upstairs.  That is where the kids are asleep right now.  Not that I am worried that the roof will blow off.  No.  Not me.  It was just a little rain.  What is the big deal anyway?


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