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About Last Night

June 23, 2010

It was the lightning that woke us.

Flashes that seemed like a disco dance floor, lasting for what seemed like minutes at a time.

Through the branches of the oversized maple outside our window we could see the sharp lines of electricity cut through the black sky.

The thunder that followed rumbled so long that it could have been a plane circling above our house.

My dog began pacing from the end of the bed around my husband’s head and back, lying down for breaks between flashes.

The rain began slowly, lazily.  A steady rhythm on the roof as the light show continued its magnificent display.

One child invaded our bed.  Our dog tried to lie down by her, but gave up trying to find comfort in our room with the wide windows–flashing–and left.

Anther child awakened, this time by the nervous dog, by then it was 2:30 in the morning.

As I laid there, with one arm looped around my daughter in the dark, the rain came in waves on the roof like the ocean visiting from the coast, while the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled in the distance.

Sleep came to the edges of the bed, slipping my eyes closed until the next big flash.

My daughter went back to her own bed, and my dog laid down.

The maple tree, now with dancing limbs, was being tossed by the wind.  The lightning exposing the abuse.

Suddenly, the rain ceased.  The flashing and rumbling of the storm still present, but obviously moving on into the night.


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