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June 25, 2010

Today I have been blah.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  It is stormy out.  Our severe storm warning siren went off during dinner and we had to head to the basement.  It got so dark, that it looked like midnight, and the sun had not set yet.  I was just thankful that we were all home.  It rained really hard for about ten minutes, and then we resumed dinner.  We didn’t have any hail or anything.  Thank goodness.

I am still feeling meh.  My tummy and tired-ness are the symptoms that are bothering me the most.  It makes me crabby.  Any time kids are loud (read: having fun) I am irritated.  They had Vacation Bible School this week, so at least they had a break from the crabby mother in the mornings.

We have a friend who “might stop by” tomorrow.  My house is clean, but messy.  I have spent today cleaning off tables full of piles.  I am not motivated to keep going.  I just want to go to bed.  Tomorrow morning I will be running around with my head cut off.  I will think, “Why didn’t I do this last night?” And, I will be crazy until it is *almost* done.  I wish I was not a messy person.  (See:  Wish to be Concrete Sequential.)  I am still not done reading Half Broke Horses.  I never did my homework for yesterday either.  That is really not like me.  I always do my homework.

I am looking forward to July, so I can be done posting every day.  NaBloPoMo is kicking my ass.  I don’t really have anything left to say.

We have been utilizing the Library lately.  We went back today to return the books that are due tomorrow, and we checked out seventeen more books.  I checked out several for myself:  The Death of Ivan Ilych, the first book on the list from the What is Stephen Harper Reading? website.  Two books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian author, The Thing Around Your Neck and Purple Hibiscus.  The first one is a book of short stories, the other one is a novel.  I thought these would be good because I will have many students in my class that are immigrants.  It would be good to tap into their experience.  I also got some books for my own betterment:  How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose (I heard her speak on All Things Considered, so I requested her book).   Since I have never read Kurt Vonnegut (I know!  Loser!)  I also requested Slaughterhouse Five.  A post of BP’s still comes to mind when I think of teaching at the college level.  I know I won’t be with the same types of students, but if Kurt Vonnegut touched one of her students so profoundly, I think I should probably read him.  The last one that I requested was Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Liz just finished reading it to her kids, with great success, and she wrote of it so lovingly that I have to read it.  Do you really think that I can chug-a-lug so many books this summer?  I still have a text book to get through as well…that will be fun.

What books are piled up waiting for you this summer?

P.S.  I am not linking books today, so you will have to google for yourself.  Sorry.  Lazy.


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