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Saturday, Lazy Saturday

June 26, 2010

I can’t really believe that *almost* all of my piles are gone.  It just feels lighter in here.  I love it.  I know that I am ultimately a “pile” person, so I know that it won’t last forever, but I am hoping I can stay on top of all of the paper now that school is over.  I can actually use my dining room table!  And my table looks neat and tidy.  There are trouble spots around still.  The bookshelves need tidying, and so does the basket in the kitchen.  [We won’t mention the computer cupboard at this time.  That is a day project.]  I feel a bit more motivated now that I see the progress, and I am feeling better today as well.

I think I feel better because I went to Yoga this morning.  The new session started today, and so it has been three weeks since I have been to a class.  I have one word for today regarding Yoga:  OUCH.  It doesn’t take my body long to settle in to being sedentary.  My couch is my happy place.  Now, if I could only get my ass out of bed and start walking/running again, I think I would feel even better.  Maybe Monday would be a great beginning to moving more.  I just need to power through the rain and the pain.

I have spent my day playing Super Mario Brothers with Nicholas.  I am loving it, and I think Jeff is too.  It was his Father’s Day present along with Wii Sports Resort.  He has been obsessed with the Sports Resort.  I am not so competitive.  Katie, however, is extremely competitive.  She wants to beat Jeff.  I keep telling her that he plays for at least an hour after the kids go to bed to “practice” so he will never lose.  Both she and Nicholas cry if they lose.  It is pathetic.  With Super Mario Brothers we just keep playing even after we die, so it doesn’t feel like losing.

I have also been reading.  Outside on the lawn chair.  Feet up.  Devouring Laini’s words in The Faeries of Dreamdark:  Blackbringer.  So lovely.  I have only just started it, but already I want to just sit and read.  Become caught up in the Faerie world that she has created.  I am already looking at crows differently.  It is delightful.

We are going to grill hamburgers tonight and bake some Ore-ida french fries to accompany them.  A no-frills dinner, with a possible bon fire after if it isn’t storming…which at this point, it could go either way.

I am sad that the US lost to Ghana in the world cup today.  I only watched snippets here and there, but it is a bummer.  I like Ghana though, that is where my drum teacher studied African drum ensemble.  So, Yay Ghana!

Hope your Saturday has been as relaxing as mine has been!  What have you been up to?


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