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Trouble in the Pew

June 27, 2010

Well.  This morning we got our heathen-selves out of our beds, and made it to church on time.  The children were singing one of their Vacation Bible School songs during the 10:00 service.  We haven’t been to church in almost two years.  We survived.  The kids did their thing and were adorable.  We paid attention to the teachings.  I know I have written about it before, but I have trouble with this church.  We have never become members, but for a couple of years we went to church there every Sunday.  When we got home from church, Jeff said, “I didn’t thing that the service was so bad.”  Really?  He is a non-church guy.  So I had a choice, agree with him and hope that maybe he would start going to church, or disagree with him and be honest.  Since choice number one is a pipe dream I went with the honesty choice.

I tried to find the readings on the church’s website, but they are not posted, at least not yet.  All I know is that it was Galatians.  It was a reading about how your “flesh” wants one thing:  lust, drunkenness, greed… (the list was LONG) and God wants you to be otherwise:  patient, generous, forgiving… (there was more, but not as many as what the flesh wanted).  There was a line in there where it said something like whatever the flesh wants don’t do it, it is the opposite of what God wants for you.  And, see?  I have a problem.  I think that there are normal human desires and they are just fine, and they can coexist with all of the virtues that God wants us to have.  I don’t believe God wants us to deny our passions, I believe if we follow our passions we are being the people who God created us to be.  So, I believe the opposite of what was in the reading.

The Gospel was the story about Jesus fishing for disciples.  The verses where he denounced people for wanting to say goodbye to their family, or for wanting to attend a father’s funeral.  I think that the pastor did an excellent job of unpacking this text.  She focused on how sometimes you have to be true to yourself and not try to please those who love you or those who hate you.  I was with her there.  But as for this passage, I have trouble with it as well.  What happens to “honor your mother and your father?”  I would choose to go to my father’s funeral before I would follow a stranger.  Of all the passages in the Bible, I keep feeling that this church chooses the wrong messages for me.  Maybe God wants to open my eyes to a new perspective, but I just stop listening when it feels wrong.

My children, however, LOVE going to Vacation Bible School.  They begged to go to church so they could sing in front of the congregation.  I think they want to go to Sunday school.  Which means, I have to start shopping for a different church, or I have to suck it up and just go to church anyway.  It would be so much easier to just stay home.


In other news, we went to the beach today.  It was a gorgeous day, but HOT.  And windy.  Last night we had big storms again, but most missed our little pocket of the Earth.  The forecast says we are out of the storm paths for about a week.  Thank goodness.  I spent the better part of today reading.  I can’t wait to tell you about it!  I will be done soon!  In fact, I better get back to it, since the Faeries keep tapping me on the shoulder.


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