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Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer

June 28, 2010

I just finished.  I am forcing myself to sit down and write because all I want to do is pick up Silksinger and keep reading.

Blackbringer is a book about Magpie Windwitch.  She is a young faerie, at only 100 years old.  Her clan consists of a pack of crows, whose backs she rides upon when she is tired.  Why would she be so fatigued?  Well.  Because she is a hunter.  She hunts Devils.  Most of the faeries have become little more than butterflies.  Their magic is weak or non-existent.  But Magpie, she is powerful.  More powerful than even she knows.  Her purpose and true identity has been kept hidden from her.  But, now that the Blackbringer is back, she needs to come into her full magical powers.  She will also need her friends, who have powers of their own, to help her win the war against the unraveling of the tapestry.

Laini Taylor has woven a world of magic and wonder together in this wonderful novel.  The book, if I had to compare it to another has a Harry Potter feel.  The humans exist, but there is another world right under their noses.  The difference is that Harry can pass as a human, and the faeries are faeries, so they cannot.  There is evil to be slayed, and good to win out.  There is danger and magic and love.  But best of all, there are threads of stories that end, and then pick back up later.  Details left hanging, and then right when you need them, there they are.  Serendipity.

I love, love, loved this book.  It is now my new crush.  I am a sucker for Fantasy, but even if you are apprehensive, give it a try.  I bet you will love it too.  Especially if you loved Harry Potter like I did, or A Wrinkle in Time, or even the Twilight books, though they are a bit different.

Now, I am going to get dressed and brush my teeth so I will be ready to pick Sarah up from her golf camp.  If I hurry, I might be able to read the first few pages of Silksinger!  I can’t wait!

  1. June 28, 2010 11:13 am

    Thank you!! :-) :-) :-)

    • June 29, 2010 7:56 pm

      Oh, Laini. Thank YOU. You have a true gift. I am so glad the Liz directed me to your blog years ago. When you wrote a short story for Sunday Scribblings about the ghost girl. I was hooked and have read your blog ever since. I am so loving your books! xoxo

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