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Love List for Today

June 29, 2010

1.  The weather:  Sunny, blueblueblue sky, cool temps.  BEAUTIFUL~!

2.  Silksinger.

3.  My patio.

4.  Silksinger.

5.  Franklin:  Many snuggles and kisses :)

6. Lunch:  Roastbeef sandwich with Munster Cheese on a roll, yum.

7.  Remembering we had swimming lessons today, unlike yesterday (oops).

8.  Silksinger.

9.  Katie & Nicholas moving up a level in swimming already–Hurray!  It is about time!

10.  Silksinger.

11.  A phone conversation from a good friend.  One of my favorite people, and one of my favorite pass-times.

12.  Ice Cream after baseball!

13.  Silksinger.

14.  Books on CD for the car.

15.  A semi-clean house, even though I have not lifted a finger.

16.  The library online.

17.  Silksinger.

18.  Silksinger.

19.  Have I mentioned Silksinger???  BLISS!

20.  The fact that Laini commented on yesterday’s post.  SWOON!

21.  A post being DONE for today!

22.  Back to reading!


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