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Farewell to Summer

September 5, 2010

I really can’t believe that it is September already.  This summer is on its last legs, and it seems like it just started.  The air, however, tells a different story.  It is cold.  Sweatshirts have been dusted off, and have adorned our shoulders for the last three days.  They probably should have been out the day before as well, but old habits die hard, and we all had our shorts and T-shirts on.  We regretted it.  It is amazing how one day it can be hot and humid and the next it seems chilly, but denial wins out.  I am still convinced that the hot, humid weather is just taking a weekend off before blazing back in for an encore.  Jeff, well, he thinks it is over.  Down for the count.  I am just not ready to let summer go.  Not yet.

The truth is, however, that the Minnesota State Fair is over tomorrow.  This always marks the end of summer, and it helps it go out with a bang.  Jeff and  I have gone to the State Fair all through our courting and early marriage, and we have brought the kids since Sarah was a year old.  Jeff tried to skip it this year, and I laughed at him.  I believe my words were, “Good luck with that…”  With all of the expense of kid’s activities this year, he said, “Maybe we should skip the Fair this year…”  I knew he would never get away with it.  The kids begged, and then asked me.  I told them that if they continued to ask, respectfully, that I thought he would back down.  Well, they were smarter than I gave them credit for.

Yesterday, we were all in our jammies, watching some PBS cartoons to start the day.  Jeff was reading the paper, I was crocheting a baby blanket that should have been done at the beginning of August. (Ack!)  Jeff suddenly started reading out-loud.  This happens occasionally.  But, what he read made me gasp too.  A favorite apple orchard was gearing up for their last harvest.  What?!  LastHarvest?  Yes.  Apparently, the owners sold the land five years ago, and now the new owners are going to begin development on the land.  We all said things like, “How sad,” and “I can’t believe it,” and then I told the kids to go up and shower, while I turned the TV to my own bad programs.  This was when Jeff began yelling.  “Forget the showers!  We are going Apple Picking!  Hurry Up!  Let’s Go!”  So, we all began scurrying around trying to locate jeans (Where are they again?) and sweatshirts, socks (!) and shoes.  When Jeff and I were walking out to the car, he whispered to me, “They asked me why we had enough money to go apple picking, when we didn’t have enough money to go to the State Fair.”  Ahh.  They got him.

We had a lovely time at the orchard.  It was a cool, but sunny morning.  There were only a few others there.  We took our time tasting all of the different apples and then plotting where to go to pick our favorites.  The monarch butterflies were everywhere, lilting through the sunshine, alighting on over-sized purple clover blossoms.  The dragonflies danced in circles, and would land and disappear with brilliant camouflage.  I love them.

Can you find it in there?

The apples are ripening early this year, because of our warm spring.  We were able to pick some of our favorites and some that were new to us.  This is what my husband dreams of doing.  Owning an apple orchard.  He surfs the reality websites for farm land, hoping to find a good deal so he can plant his apple trees.  I wish we could win the lottery so I could get him exactly what he wishes for, but since I never really buy any lottery tickets…well, I guess it is unlikely that we will win.  So, this place going under is a sucker punch for him.  We hiked the farm and sighed loudly.

When we were done apple picking, we drove around to see if we could find someplace to go horse back riding, but to no avail.  Unfortunately.  It would have been a perfect day for it.  We will have to do some research and find a place.

And that leads us to Today:

We got up early to have breakfast at the Fair.  Mini Doughnuts.  Yum

We did all of our favorite things, from seeing all of the farm animals (even the sheep dressed like the KKK) to the “Miracle of Birth Barn” where a pig was giving birth to her piglets.  We ate our favorite lunch:  Pronto Pups and french fries.  We rode rides and saw the agriculture building.  They had this awesome competition where children under 12 could submit pictures made solely of seeds and grain for competition.  There were many cool ones like Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Snoopy, and a Pronto Puppy on a stick, but my favorite one was Calvin & Hobbes:

I miss reading Calvin & Hobbes in the paper every morning.

Here are some more images from The Great Minnesota Get Together:

Tomorrow, I need to make a test for my students and make caramel dip, with sliced apples because we will be going to my parents for dinner.  Tuesday is a big day around here, Sarah goes to Third Grade and Katie and Nicholas goes to First Grade.  They are so excited!  They can’t wait to get back to school.  So, I guess this is farewell to Summer.  I just hope Autumn is as beautiful and as welcoming!

What did you do this weekend?

  1. September 6, 2010 1:54 pm

    Your schools start so late! Do they get out super late, too?

    I can’t remember the last time I was at a State Fair, isn’t that sad? I’m rarely in the States during State Fair season, I guess.

    And tell Jeff if he wants an orchard that makes any money, he should probably buy one that already exists, since it can take years to start a new one up. Trees take a lot of time! :D

    I’m glad you had a nice sunny weekend, too, but I agree with you: I’m not really ready to let summer go yet, either.

    • September 29, 2010 12:15 am

      Hi Liz,

      Yes, my kids don’t get out until mid-June. We are usually ready for school to end on Memorial Day. It is hard to stay in school when the sun is calling.

      I passed on your advice to my farmer husband. Thanks for your insight!

      Summer comes and goes by the hour now. We wake up to freezing cold mornings and have pleasant late afternoons until the sun goes down. I keep cheering it on. I hope it stays for longer!

  2. September 7, 2010 3:47 am

    I loved apple picking in the States; can’t believe it’s that time of year already! I remember sort of liking the State Fair too… I probably would have REALLY liked it had we been allowed to eat fair food instead of bringing our own gritty homemade almond butter sandwiches on particle board bread. :) Enjoy your apples with caramel sauce. As soon as I reconcile myself to September, I’ll have to have some too!

    • September 29, 2010 12:17 am

      Yum. Particle Board. After reading your posts, I am not sure if you are joking! You need to come back to the US just for the fair food. I suppose you can catch a few rides while you’re at it as well. The caramel is so good. So. Good. Now I want some, thanks a lot!

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