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October 22, 2010

Well, I already missed the boat on the blogging every day this weekend.

Yesterday I worked all day.  I graded papers. I am finally all caught up with that!  After I was done, I loaded their grades from the last month (!) into the online grade book so they can actually see how they are doing.  It took.  all.  day.  I only have one student who is failing, but I have three others that are getting a “D” and in order to pass this class, you have to get a “C” or better.  I also caught some cheating on homework.  Yuck.  I will have to deal with that on Monday.

It was a true pajama day, I didn’t get dressed until 5:00 last night.  My house is still a mess.  That is what is on the agenda for today.  So, I am going to pull myself away from the computer to rid our house of squalor.  We will be having the family birthday party for Katie & Nicholas on Sunday, which means I need to get my butt in gear!  I don’t want my mom to know how I really live!  The sheets have been changed in the kid’s rooms already.  I better get back upstairs to strip my own gross bed.

I may be back later…  I will try my best.



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