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A full day…

October 24, 2010

The rain came last night.  It began as a light show, bringing Franklin into bed with us, shaking.  Soon, the rumbles followed, as did three children, one  by one.  Nicholas said, “It was lightning right in our back yard!  And it was so bright it almost blinded me!”  So there we were…Nicholas, Me, Franklin, Katie, Jeff, and Sarah all in a row in our queen sized bed.  I was glad I wasn’t on the edge with one cheek hanging over.  Thankfully, the storm passed quickly.  Once Franklin stopped shaking, I sent everyone else back to their own beds.  “Thank you all for coming, and GOOD NIGHT!”  They filed out complaining that it was “STILL LIGHTNING…” but they didn’t return.

The air today was wet with mist.  It hung in the air.  You didn’t feel it when you were walking around outside, but you still needed your windshield wipers when you were driving.  It gave the landscape an eerie look, but the light was still magical.

I spent most of my day in the kitchen.  My parents leave this week to go to California until Christmas so we celebrate Nicholas and Katie’s birthday early.  I made lasagna yesterday, but panicked in the middle of the night that I only made one pan.  So, I got up, went to the grocery store  and made another pan this morning.  I also made a chocolate cake.  I can tell you that I am sick of cooking now.  I am glad that the extra pan of lasagna was not touched and my dinner for tomorrow night is already DONE.

Nicholas and Katie have been looking forward to their party today since last week.  My mom took them to the Mall of America to make their build-a-bears (that was their present) on Wednesday.  They couldn’t wait to show us.  The presents were a hit and the chocolate cake, even though it looked horrible, was delicious.  Dinner was a success.

I, however, took a tumble right before the first guests arrived.  The screen in our screen door ripped (again) so it is at the hardware store getting fixed.  Since the screen has been out of the door, we have had a habit of walking through the door without opening it.  Franklin’s leash broke this evening, and he took off after another dog, so I tried to run after him (without opening the door) and fell flat on my face, down the concrete steps.  Thank goodness almost everything was done.  I am still sore, and scraped up.  I hate that.  It is embarrassing.  Not to mention painful.

The Vikings are on right now, so I am going to go and watch the second half of the game.  I hope you all had a great weekend!


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