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The first week back, and my love for my pajamas

January 15, 2011


It has been snowing all week.  Shoveling has been a daily job, and the glory of it is that my children are big enough and WANT to help.  Katie shoveled the whole driveway yesterday before she came in from the school bus.  I shoveled this morning so Jeff could back out to go to work, the snow plow had gone by.

My week has gone fast, and yet I am exhausted and feel incredibly behind already.  Par for the course.  I have some time this weekend to get my ducks in a row for next week.  I am hoping to have all lessons written up before Tuesday.  A worthy challenge.

So.  Monday began a new semester.  I was nervous, but not as terrified as I was in August.  I was prepared for all of the moving that the students do this first week.  I didn’t assign much homework at all, just a little T-chart.  I am so glad the drop/add period is over.  Tuesday we can begin the semester!  Monday, my car decided to break down.  The temperature gauge’s light went on and then about half way to work began beeping at me.  In my head I swear I heard, “I’m going to blow up!”  Screeching over and over.  I got to school.  Thank the Lord.  While still in my car, I called our mechanic.  He said something about “towing it in” but I ignored him.  I called Jeff, and he was less than pleased.  His car has been giving him hassle and has dropped some serious dollars for that already.  My car seemed to be playing copy cat.  I knew something had been wrong since last year because the heat didn’t work.  It was spring-ish, when this occurred, so I ignored it.  This fall/winter it was more difficult to ignore because DAMN!  It was cold!  But it is such a pain to not have a car I put it off and simply froze in my car.  When I was done at school I limped my car to the mechanic keeping it out of the “danger zone” on the temperature gauge.  This meant going about 2 mph.  He replaced my radiator, and although it was expensive enough to put off my shopping for a lap top…sniff… I now have heat and I feel confident that my car will not blow up.

My everyday class is the new course that I am teaching for the first time.  I seem to have a good bunch for this class.  Five of my former students are in this class, and there are others that are chatty and participate well.  The first day was just the syllabus mostly.  I also gave them an essay about a house to read.  They had to get into groups and figure out what was important in the essay.  I recorded what they thought was important on the whiteboard and then assigned them to do a T-Chart for homework.  On one side of the chart they were to record what would have been important in the essay if they were a robber, on the other side they needed to record what would have been important if they were a Realtor who was going to try to sell the house.  It was a great way to illustrate how purpose colors your reading of text.

Tuesday my everyday class took their pre-test, and I had my first night class.  I am teaching the same course as last semester on Tuesday nights from 6-10.  This class seems like a pretty good bunch as well.  I had a couple of students who didn’t bring paper, but otherwise they were all engaged and followed along well.  I thought I would revamp this course, but I don’t think I will have the kind of time I will need to do that.  I will just follow my lessons from last semester for now, and maybe over the summer I can improve on my teaching!  It was a long day teaching at 10:00 AM and then getting out of there at 10:00 PM.  I did leave in order to pick up my car, but otherwise I was there from 9 AM-10PM.  I need to be more focused, because I didn’t get nearly as much work done as I thought I would.

Wednesday I was SO TIRED.  I brought a bunch of books to share that were important books in my life.  And I think they thought I was crazy.  However, then I assigned them to find one book that was important to them to share with us next week.  I am so excited to see what books they bring in!  Thursday, I started on Chapter One of the text-book:  Active Learning.  We reviewed how to “preview a text” and practiced that in groups.  I haven’t read chapter one yet.  Yikes.  Good teacher, right?  Needless to say, it will be read by Tuesday, and the rest of the chapter as well, since I only assigned part of the chapter.  See what I mean?  I am in denial.

Yesterday, my girl scout meeting got canceled.  It was really a social meeting where we were meeting under the pretense of girl scouts, but I was excited that I could stay in my pajamas all day.  It was not to be,  I had a student email me and asked if we could meet.  So I got dressed (so hard!) and went into work.  Since I was out already, I went to Costco, which I hate.  I always spend way too much money when I walk through those doors and it never feels like I bought that much.  Then, I had a hot date with my husband for lunch.  We went to a new place and it was very lovely, with good food.  However, we were the youngest ones there by about 20 years (at least).  We had a good chuckle about that.  Jeff said that Perkins must have been full yesterday.  After lunch I caught up with my phone calls and then my internet was down for a good long while.  I finally over-came my laziness and walked down stairs to  unplug the modem.  That worked, but I was too scattered to write a post last night.

I am typing fast because we have to leave for hockey in a half hour, and here I am still in my pajamas.  Do I detect a theme?

Anything happen this week with you?

  1. January 17, 2011 3:51 pm

    Isn’t it great about the kids being big enough to shovel? Mine were this year, too…probably they were several years ago, but only Karin has ever tried it. This year, they did it quite a lot, mostly willingly, and in at least one case, WITHOUT BEING ASKED.


    • January 21, 2011 12:09 am

      I KNOW! Katie was out there without being asked as well! Amazing, isn’t it?

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