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Where I break the rules

April 6, 2011

Writing on a work day… kind of seems like I am breaking the rules.  But, here I am none the less.

My kids had spring break last week and the first two days this week.  It was hard to go to work knowing that they were around.  There was a lot of juggling and organizing, but they were well taken care of, and I got through it.  This split attention of working and mothering is something that I knew would be difficult before I began to work.  However, when I have to work and the kids are in school, I can focus.  If I stay an extra hour at school it doesn’t matter.  But this break drove me crazy.  I was pulled in two every day.  I had to watch the clock and worry if whoever had to get them somewhere was doing it.  I had to do both jobs.  Man.  I am thankful that they are back in school and I will be done with school before they are.

I am starting to get excited to end this semester.  I can’t wait to plan for NEXT semester.  I already have new rules to add to my syllabus and new lectures to give in order to set the tone for my classes.  I am hoping that I can actually begin teaching the material next semester instead of covering the material.  Because that is really what I have been doing this semester.  Covering content.  Heck, LEARNING the content if I want to be honest.

My schedule for next semester is dreamy.  I will be teaching an extra class in the fall, so I will have 12 credits instead of 8 credits.  I will be able to teach all day classes so I can be home in the evenings and on Saturday.  I am teaching only one course, and all three of my sections are in two hour blocks.  So, potentially I will be able to plan two lessons a week and teach all three sections the same lessons.  Now, in my head I know that there is also the potential to have such different mixes of students that this will be impossible.  And I also know that it will drive me CRAZY if they are not all on the same page.  I used to teach half-day kindergarten.  My morning class was a completely different population of students than my afternoon class.  They never lined up and I almost had to bring in vodka and keep it next to the paint in the cupboard.  I lived through it, but seriously, it drove me nuts.  We shall see if teaching college is different than teaching kindergarten in that regard.

I am really excited about having the summer to plan and get all organized for next semester!  Nerdy-excited.


Spring has finally taken root here in Minnesota.  And guess what?!  I went outside with Franklin today, and I saw GREEN stuff in my garden.  It sort of looks like strawberry leaves, but I don’t remember having strawberries in my garden.  I only had flowers, so I am intrigued.  I am so hoping it is strawberries.  YUM.  We have been buying strawberries lately and closing our eyes to pretend that it is June.  “Take a bite of summer,” we say to each other.  And I swear you can almost taste the sunshine.  The sun was out all day today, and it was so warm that I didn’t wear a coat to work this morning.  Sure, I got a little chilly on my way to work, but nothing horrible.  My kids  informed me that snowpants and boots are not necessary at school for recess any more.  We also have some bulbs just poking their way through the dirt.  I can’t remember what they are, so I can’t wait to see them in full bloom.  This was a rough winter, so all of these things seem like huge blessings right now.  Miracles, really.

What have you been up to?

  1. April 7, 2011 2:56 am

    the weather here has been teasing us with spring: going up and down and pouring rain on our heads every other minute. Not much green here yet, but there are crocuses and snowdrops and my daffodils are a few inches up. Yay!

    I’m so glad you sound so positive about your next semester. Good things to look forward to, all around!

  2. April 8, 2011 10:42 am

    Your enthusiasm for teaching is infectious! Your students are so lucky to have you. As I read I though, ‘man, I’d like to take her class!’

    Thanks for the notes this week. I’m glad you are finding some things from Tomorrow’s Professor helpful. I don’t read them all either, but really enjoy some of them.

    After super warm spring weather we are down to 48 this morning. I know, nothing to complain about, but when you live here, you really notice the change!

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