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Happy Birthday America!

July 5, 2011

Yesterday we had our crazy busy Fourth of July Celebration.  It true form, I forgot my camera for the first half of the day, but I remembered to bring it last night.

We had dinner at my parent’s country club.  They have been members for years, but now are only social members.  Neither one of them golf anymore, which is sad.  It is such a fun night with pony rides (!), water balloon fights, a pinata, and, of course, face painting.

My little Ninja

The band played oldies as the little boys played with their balloon swords.  Sarah wanted to be on stage and darn if she didn’t get there.

And there was the traditional dancing with daddy.

Before the fireworks Mother Nature decided to wow us with her own.

We had a great time.

How was your celebration?

UPDATED TO ADD:  Yesterday I included a link to a podcast from NPR.  The link was incorrect.  I corrected it in yesterday’s post and if you are still interested it is here.

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