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The Bad Blogger

September 18, 2011

Man, I am a bad blogger.  I think about this space so often.  Almost as often as I think about all the books I wish I were reading.  And about the towel I would like to be knitting.  And (this is a lie, I am sure, that I am telling myself) how I would like to start running again.  (Stop laughing!)  There are so many little things that I am sure that I have forgotten that should be here, being remembered forever.  But, alas, all I have been doing is correcting student work.  I need to change that.  This weekend I have been a rebel and have been ignoring my responsibilities.  This is my last hurrah, so to speak, before that last batch of tests will be corrected, and that pre-test quiz for vocabulary.  Only two things.  But still.

So, my last post, I talked about my classes and my adjustment.  I will spare you on that today.  Let’s just say that I love having my kids back in school.  But my organizational skills are still not up to par.  Let’s just say that this new unit is not really planned, and I am feeling the stress of that.  And let’s just say that I don’t care right now.  You can only go on eating, sleeping and breathing your job for so long before you just can’t anymore.  This weekend is my break.  I slept for almost a full eight hours last night and woke up with my back hurting because I had been in bed so long.  But the sleep…Ahhhh.

And I forgot to say that I love my students.  They are (for the most part) engaged and wanting to learn.  I have had more “A’s” on the first test than I feel comfortable with.  I am thinking that it might be too easy.  I looked back at last semester and I had a normal range of A through F’s, but one of my classes had 14 A’s this semester!  I guess I have just become a fantastic teacher!!  (HA!)  So, they must study.  That is my theory.  (I will have to revisit my rigor with this test, but it covers what I taught, and has an application portion.  I may just have to peak at what others are testing.)  I want to love it though.  In my heart of hearts I want all of my students to get A’s.  That is my goal!  And they did VERY well this first unit.

In other news and other aspects of my life (yes, I do have children, and a husband, and friends…) everything is getting into a routine.  It is a busy routine with soccer 4-5 week-nights, and choir on Tuesdays.  With a trip to Valley Fair last weekend and then the aftermath of that experience.  (Suffice it to say that I still love roller coasters, but I am old.  And the recovery time is long.)  Katie, who has always been very nervous about carnival rides surprised us all by going on the most scary and fast ones.  Mostly because she didn’t want to wait for Jeff and I, it was scarier for her to be left for two minutes with the Valley Fair workers than to ride the Renegade roller coaster.  We forced all of our children to go on the High Roller as well, because we are good parents that way.  They all liked it.  I am sure we will be asked to go to Valley Fair again next summer.

Jeff has had a birthday (Aug. 29th).  Last night we finally went for our last dinner celebration with his parents.  So he has had a long celebration.  We have been so busy that we have had to take what we can get!  We have also celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary (September 12th).  We have yet to go out, but my husband brought home Pizza Luce for dinner, so even if we don’t have a date to celebrate, we had exceptional pizza.  The mashed potato pizza is my favorite, but he also brought home “The Bear” which is pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, and possibly chicken.   It was outstanding.

My kids have had a great start to their school years.  They all love their teachers, and so do I.  Sarah looped with her teacher this year, so she has the same teacher in the same room with the same class.  It has been great for her.  She walked into the classroom with no preliminary “here’s how my classroom works” time and jumped right into academics.  Which she loves.  She loves that she has the same friends in her class, and when she talks it is like she is talking about her second family.  They are tight.

Our weather, as always, is crazy.  Last Tuesday it was 90 degrees.  We were feeling it because it had been a consistent 80 for a while.  The next day it was 70, and then that night, it was suddenly November.  Frost and freezing.  The soccer field was windy and Brrrrrr.  I had to wear my winter jacket.  I finally caved last night and turned on the HEAT.  Really?  I had to put SOCKS on.  This is not okay with me.  I have heard rumors that the 80’s will return, so I have kept my flip-flops handy.  I am crossing my fingers.  It is raining right now, which is good, we haven’t had rain in a long while.  It also helps so I can “get to work” after this!

Next weekend begins the apple picking season.  We will be going to Farmer Bills and stealing food from him, and then going to see the baby cows and have them suck on our fingers with their sand-papery tongues.  I can’t wait!  We are bringing him the apple tree that I got Jeff for father’s day.  He couldn’t find a good spot in our yard for it, so we are re-gifting it to farmer Bill.  It should be a fun day.

I know Squam is happening now, and I blame that for my lack of work this weekend.  I am there in spirit.  Liz is there for real!  LUCKY!

How are all of you?  Any good things this fall that you would like to share?

  1. September 18, 2011 8:17 pm

    Yay, you’re here! Girl, you gotta rest. A girl can’t be all work and no play! Sleeping is good. We all slept in today, like for real – the boys got up at a quarter to 9! So scandalous. And it’s wayyyy past bedtime for Thomas right now.

    I am slowly trying to start back running, too! I really LIKE it and I want to run around the neighborhood. But I’m nervous about running in public. Our new neighborhood has sidewalks and walking trails and so I need to just go out and explore. And not worry about looking like a big idiot.

    I am so jealous, reading about all you Yankees :) picking apples in the fall. I want to pick apples, too!

    Can’t wait to hear more about everything.

    • October 8, 2011 8:13 am

      Good for you! Running is a hard step for me. I really DON’T like it at all, yet it is a free workout, and I do love getting outside and going down into the woods. I really NEED to start walking again, but the lack of sleep is a problem. I don’t think it is possible that you would ever look like a big idiot. I bet by now you have gotten over being self conscious and are running your little heart out!

  2. October 1, 2011 1:03 am

    1. wow- your kids are beautiful and look like they have SUCH kind hearts
    2. your life is FULL, woman– sometimes you gotta live it and there is no time/energy to blog it– different actions entirely
    3. I would never laugh about thinking of running- in fact, there is scientific evidence that thinking about something leads 20% of your brain to believe it has done it. . . so think about running is actually GOOD for you ..

    xoxxo, E

  3. October 8, 2011 8:15 am

    Oh, if only the THINKING about running would give me the 20% of “getting in shape” while sitting on my duff correcting papers! Then, I would think about it ALL THE TIME. Sending love your way…xoxo

  4. October 30, 2011 1:56 pm

    How did I miss this post? I have been so busy I am missing everything!! :(

    • November 2, 2011 3:54 pm

      No worries…It isn’t like I am blogging regularly. Oh. Wait.

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