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November 5, 2011

Today is partly cloudy with a pale, pale blue sky peeking out of the overcast sky.

Today is windy, the trees that have been holding on to their leaves have given up hope, and the skeleton fingers of the others wiggle their tips at you.

Today I am tired.

Today I went to yoga,  and:  ouch.  I am tight.

Today I went grocery shopping so we will be nourished for dinner:  summer squash, onion and potato tacos.

Today I was the first one up, and had to sneak back to my bedroom with the dog so we wouldn’t wake anyone else.

Today lacks motivation.

Today Sarah and Katie had dance, and Nicholas had hockey.

Today I left the two girls alone while Jeff drove me to pick up my newly fixed car.

Today my muscles are sore.

Today Jeff and Nicholas went to a boy scout event and Nicholas got to shoot a bb gun.  I don’t like it.

Today the air seems warm, it is almost 60 degrees F.

Today my throat is scratchy and sore, but I still feel okay.  I hope it doesn’t blossom into real sickness.

Today I wish I could curl up with a great book, like one of the National Book Award finalists, instead of with papers that need correcting.

Today, the time is slipping quickly away.

Today is the last day of day-light-savings time.

Today Jeff raked the entire back yard.

Today I sent my kids to the park by themselves…which freaks me out.

Today I meant to get so much more done than I have.

Today I want to feel loved.

Today I have been craving music.  I have tuned into The Rolling Stones, Billy Squier, and Alanis Morrisette.

Today I wish my friends still all lived close by, like when I was a kid.

Today I have seen beauty in the leaves swirling in the wind.

Today has potential.

Today has been a pretty good day.


How is your day going?

  1. November 6, 2011 3:37 pm

    You were such a brave mom today! Kudos to you, and a big hug. Today has been a pretty good day, too. I finished a good book, read an entire second good book and started a third. I made a good dinner. I had a chat with my cousin when she came to pick up the dog. I watched a movie with the kids (nowhere near as good as any of the books). I picked up Karin from Sandby where she spent the day being a referee for the boys’ soccer cup. I worked a little bit. I addressed and stuffed envelopes for the AWC. I posted another daily post (we rock, we do!) And I even slept in this morning. The sun was shining, but I didn’t feel up to doing anything about it, that was the only thing I feel I didn’t do well today.

  2. November 7, 2011 7:30 pm

    Good Lord Liz. How do you do it? I really can’t fathom having that much energy to get through THREE books in one day while getting everything else done too. I could never do it. I am way to irresponsible.

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