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November 19, 2011

Well.  We have been in denial here in the upper mid-west.  It is rare not to have one quick snow that sticks for a few minutes in October, and if not common, it is at least possible to begin our winter before Halloween.  My birthday is November 12, as you all know.  I only remember very few times that winter HADN’T started before my birthday.  This is another one of those years.

When I was little, really little, like before Kindergarten, I remember it snowing for the first time that year on my birthday.  I was sitting by the French doors in the living room, my face turned upwards to see the fat sticky snowflakes falling down to the grass.  I remember telling my mom that God gave me a birthday present!  And every year after that, I wished for that same present.  But it always came before my birthday.  This year, was no different, except that Katie and Nicholas now wish it for their birthday.  So when their day came and went, I thought maybe….but no.  Yesterday it was 50 degrees and I chose to walk outside to my car from my office.

And today….Winter.

It is snowing fast and furious.  Like someone has been blocking the door and then right when winter decided to throw itself against it…opened it at the last second.  Sarah shoveled that entire patio that is pictured up there, and now…you wouldn’t think she shoveled at all.  Look:


And I swear I just took that last one.  The first one I took right before I started typing this post.  I am glad I don’t have to go out today.  Tomorrow will be a different story though.  I need to go and gather the fixin’s for Thanksgiving.  Good lord.  I have SO MUCH TO DO.

Sorry I totally blew the whole post every day in November thing.  I just can’t.  I really did try.  I am still fighting the battle of the bugs, which is fun.  But, it is also life.  I know it really does take two weeks, I just really didn’t want it to take that long.  Wish me luck as I try to get my house ready, get my grades up to date, plan out the rest of the semester, while doing sheets, and heads, and cleaning daily.  UGH.

How are all of you?  Do you have plans for Thanksgiving?

  1. November 20, 2011 7:05 am

    There’s no penalty for not posting every day in November! I can’t believe you have snow already. We just have mist and rain and bleah. I would much rather have snow, but we’ll be lucky to get it for Christmas. Last year was the snowiest on record since the 20s but the chances of another winter like that are slim. I hope you conquer your to-do list!

    We’re having 26 people over for potluck Thanksgiving on Saturday, I can’t wait. Most people ever! But it means FOUR turkeys. EEK! (Turkeys are really small here :)

    • November 25, 2011 10:53 pm

      No penalty, but I SAID I was going to do it. This makes me a liar. 26 people?? Um, I would hide. And cry. I sure hope your Turkey(s) turn out and everything else goes without a hitch! xoxo

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