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A Half-Assed Holiday

January 2, 2012

Well.  It has been a long while since I have been around here.  It is interesting to see a couple of people peek in almost everyday anyway, even when I give them no reason to stop by at all…for over a month!

This “Holiday” Season has come and (almost) gone and I haven’t felt much holiday spirit at all.  Teaching three classes and caring for three children and shuttling said children to each event had proven to produce brain overload.  And then…THEN!  As I was clicking around furiously one night searching for something to procrastinate with  (where were all of you then?) I resorted to clicking on things that I usually don’t click on, and ended up on a whole new blog.  That was riveting.  The stories were not for the faint at heart, but were told in such a way that I wanted to keep reading.  That is HUGE, because usually anything that comes remotely close to abuse of little girls sends me screeching into next week because I always put my own daughters in that place.  If you have ever read Bye, Bye Pie and read the comments (which I tend to do intermittently because it could be a full time job keeping up over there) then you may recognize a fellow commenter Siren.  I randomly clicked on her link and was ensconced in her lovely writing and her brave, brave life for two weeks.  She is an amazing young woman.  If you have two full weeks to fill, then I totally recommend heading over there to read her blog from the beginning.  Be sure to find a comfy spot to sit though, you will be there a while.  Perhaps not as long as my slow reading self, and perhaps you are not so obsessive that you NEED to read every. single. post.  whether you have been on a “forum” or not, but I am so glad I did it.  (My family, however, may or may not be as glad as I am, although they may be glad I have finally finished!)

Anyway, Christmas was good here in Minnesota despite not having any snow.  We had to sing “I am dreaming of a brown Christmas” just so we would feel like our dreams came true.  I did a little Christmasing (I know, that isn’t a real word) the weekend before finals but most of the preparations happened after December 16th.  I was a flurry of activity even if there were no flurries to keep me company.  (Not that I minded.)  Instead of wrapping gifts this year I took the easy way out and cut that corner:  I used gift bags.  My whole family uses gift bags and I am a saver so I have A LOT of bags that I have saved through out the years.  I can’t believe how fast and easy the wrapping was this year.  My sister did all the shopping for my parents and aunts and grandma (so I am indebted to her for life now) which might be why the wrapping seemed easier as well.  Our Christmas cards were sent out on December 23 and 24, so they were late, but done.  And the cookies?  Well.  We finished them up the night before we needed to deliver them to teachers.  Everything was rushed and compacted into one week.  My kids didn’t seem to mind.

We, as you know, celebrate with our own little five person family on December 23.  We had homemade lasagna for dinner in the dining room and then opened our presents.  Katie and Sarah got sick and were taking turns looking miserable.  (Thank goodness it was NOT the stomach flu.)  It was a low-key night.  Christmas Eve we trek on over to my parents house for the night of chaos.  My mom literally had a garbage bag for each kid filled with crap.  These garbage bags were decorated with Christmas scenes, but still:  garbage bags.  They had a blast.

Santa came on Christmas morning and then Jeff’s parents came over for dinner Christmas evening to once again open more presents.  I was so glad when we were done so we could start putting stuff away.

But Sarah and Katie were still miserable.  Katie’s fever was not going away and Sarah’s cough was getting worse.  The doctor’s office was closed on Monday so we went in on Tuesday.  Sarah had bronchitis and Katie had pneumonia.  We got medicine and spent the rest of the week in our pajamas.  Nicholas had Hockey every day last week which that was the extent that I was out of the house.  I was the driver.  (This went well with my sitting reading a new blog.)

Jeff and I skipped our annual dinner out on New Year’s Eve, but all of us made it to midnight this year.  We had Chinese food for dinner, played games and watched a movie.  We saw the ball drop and then waited another hour for our local countdown.  When that was over it was right to bed, and it was very anticlimactic.

Yesterday, Nicholas had a game so we had one of his hockey buddies over and then took a road trip to the game.  They won and Nicholas scored a goal!

Today we are doing our New Year’s celebration with a fire in the fire place, party mix and snacks and a variety of meat balls for dinner.  We are also having play dates all over the place because the kids go back to school tomorrow.  I find out tomorrow what my schedule will be, and if I still have any classes (enrollment is very low) I go back to school on Friday.

Wow.  This re-cap is fast and furious.  Sorry.  I need to start making the party mix!  I promise I will work on getting caught up with all of your postings next!  I hope you all had a great holiday!  Happy New Year!


  1. January 3, 2012 12:53 pm

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, WHEE! Welcome to 2012! I love love love your tree. Ours is overstuffed with ornaments but skimpy on lights…I like all the beautiful little lights on yours. :)

    • January 3, 2012 12:56 pm

      I have missed you SO much! Are you back to work?

  2. January 3, 2012 6:29 pm

    and yet? the kids look healthy– so funny isn’t it? wow– what a jam-packed holiday– you need a vacation from your vacation . .. but fun to catch up and know where you’ve been. hope the new year is good to you and that tomorrow, in particular, feels REALLY good. xoxo, e

    • January 3, 2012 9:20 pm

      Ah, the kids WERE healthy when that picture was taken. The sickness hit on Dec. 23. The first day of their Christmas break. I am hoping that tomorrow is much better than today as well, because now, now that they are back in school? NOW I am sick. And I start back to school on Friday. UGH.

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