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May 31, 2012

I have been thinking about this space on and off for almost SIX months.  A whiff of inspiration comes my way and then dissolves into the ether.  I feel bad that I haven’t been more present.  Mostly because now there is a big gap here, where I collect things I like to remember, or that I want to think more about.  I also come here when I need to get the stuff out, and so the stuff has stayed in.

It is so hard to come back here because part of me wants to fill in that H-U-G-E gap.  Catch all of you up, have everything down.  But that is a daunting task.  And, I think, makes for boring reading.  Because of this, I am at a loss.  I don’t really know where to start or what to write.  That is why this little free-write is the beginning.

I have been done teaching since May 8th.  Since then I have read three Young Adult novels, attended a conference by myself up north, and have been working my way through a new book that I am trying out next semester.  All of that has kept me busy, and permitted me to ignore how badly my house needs to be room-by-room cleaned, organized and decorated.  (I have started the laundry though, so that is a good indicator.  If only I would just clean off my work table and file what needs to be filed….but I really don’t want to.  It is going to be a big job.)

My dad just called.  We are going out to lunch before Sarah’s class play this afternoon.  So.  Since I have no direction, and I have nothing worthwhile to write, I guess I will end here for today.

Any questions or requests would be welcomed and appreciated.  I guess I need a writing assignment to get my mo-jo back.

Thanks for putting up with me!  xo

  1. June 1, 2012 12:36 pm

    There is no try. There is only do. And you just did. YAY! See, that wasn’t SO hard, was it? And guess what? If you take another hiatus, we’ll still be here to yell YAY! when you post again. Here’s your assignment: what’s the smallest thing about summer that makes you happy (and also YAY! for the conference and the reading: WOOT!)

    • June 6, 2012 12:12 am

      I did! I did! And, it WAS hard. It is also BAD. I am just so thankful that you showed up here. I didn’t do your assignment yet. I am still thinking about it, it is a good one!

  2. June 5, 2012 7:13 am

    I guess I need a writing assignment, too! So happy to see you here! We will always be here…so what YA have you been reading?

    • June 6, 2012 12:14 am

      Yes, Sam. You do need an assignment too! I have missed your words. So I am challenging you to write a post. Even one that is short and bad. (See above.) You can share Liz’s assignment with me if you would like. :) Thank you for coming back here with me. Any other writing ideas?

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