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Summer in Full Glory

June 26, 2012


Last week summer kicked into gear.  The constant bickering from kids not used to spending so much time together waned (possibly because they were threatened under penalty of death of being in their rooms–alone–for the rest of summer) and peace descended upon our home.  The hothothot weather gave way to pleasant warm afternoons with cool breezes flowing through open windows, the sun shining high in the sky.

Franklin has been loving the coolish sunshine.  Perfect for a nap.  And, with his people just feet away in the yard?  Bliss.

The City emptied out the fire hydrants, so they (and a neighbor) raced in to get their swimsuits and frolicked in the water pouring down the gutters.  I remember doing that when I was a kid.  They were working so hard to make a human dam, and wouldn’t you know?  The water went down to a trickle.  Shoot.

I was motivated in the work category, finishing the 24-Karat Gold book and moving into Improving Comprehension with Think-Aloud Strategies.  I also finished that one!  I finished an assignment sheet for the first assignment introducing 24-Karat Gold, and finished a powerpoint explaining that assignment.  I began another powerpoint, and have been working on the example for the first assignment, which will also include several lessons about characterization.  I have been feeling productive!

It did rain last week as well.  During Katie’s softball game.  The rules state that unless there is lightning, the game is on.  So we got wet.  At least she won her game.  When we got home, there was this:

My camera, of course doesn’t capture what my eyes really saw.  It was so beautiful, and there was a double, but you can hardly see that.

Last summer, during a storm, the wind picked up our patio table and slammed it against the patio.  The glass shattered, and the frame broke.  We have been without a table ever since.  I was in charge of finding a white patio table this spring.  I didn’t look too hard, but what I did look at was NOT white.  It isn’t in vogue.  But, that is what would match our chairs.  One day, I came home from somewhere, and Jeff said, “Don’t buy a table.  Nicholas and I are going to build one.”  And, I said, “….”  My husband does this from time to time.  It always freaks me out.  I know he can build stuff.  He does a great job.  I am also aware of how he loves projects in the beginning, and how he tires of them.  Also, he has a weird relationship with perfectionism.  He expects to be perfect.  Yet, in the midst he gets frustrated and then says, “It’s good enough.”  Then he is mad that it isn’t perfect.  The whole “project” thing makes me nervous.

Let me tell you, he did a fabulous job!  He was pleasant, and excited all the way through, until the painting.  He got sick of that, but didn’t want me to help.  It only took him a weekend and a half to finish it.  If it wasn’t father’s day when he started, he probably could have finished in one weekend.  We have had two glorious meals outside so far.

Plus?!  The black raspberries are ripe!  Hooray!

What have you been up to lately?  Any summer stories to share?

  1. June 26, 2012 11:04 am

    Looks like you are having a fabulous summer. I love the table!!! I want him to make me one! But, i am with you on the projects. My hublet wants to build a shed. My response was over my dead body.

    • June 26, 2012 1:40 pm

      I will let him know that he has an order. Do you have a color preference? I LOVE your response…over my dead body. See? The difference is my husband would probably take that as a challenge.

  2. July 3, 2012 6:16 am

    It may take me the rest of my vacation to catch up on the blogs I missed during the week I was gone, but if they’re all like this one, that’s no hardship :)

    • July 5, 2012 1:12 pm

      I missed you while you were away. Your kind words always touch my heart. :)

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