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The (Megsie) Times Vol. 1 Ed. 1

July 13, 2012

Breaking News

Brave Dog No Longer a ‘Fraidy Cat

Last night, during a surprise thunderstorm, Franklin Henry, resident dog of Megsie, did not shake at all.  The thunderstorm shook the house and woke Megsie up.  In the past, Franklin would have woken Megsie up with behaviors such as panting and shaking, even pacing the bed at times.  “It was unbelievable,” Megsie said in an interview this morning.  “He is usually so anxious I have to take him downstairs so Jeff can sleep.  But last night he didn’t move.  It was like a normal night!”  Nobody knows for sure why there has been such a huge shift in behavior, however there is one theory.  “It rained and stormed when Franklin’s sisters were staying with us last weekend.  Of course he was a basket case.  At bedtime, he laid right next to me and his older sister laid right next to him, so he was sandwiched.  She is not afraid of storms, and I noticed at the time that his shaking and panting decreased,” Megsie said.  According to no pet psychologists this could be the case.  Sometimes dogs need another dog to reassure them the way that no human can.  “They speak their own language,” said no pet psychologist.  “I am just making this up.”  When this reporter asked Megsie if she got enough sleep during the storm for once, she answered, “Of course not.  I do have three kids, you know.”  This leaves the question, why can dogs calm themselves down during storms and human siblings cannot?  No scientists are forming hypotheses as we are going to press.  Is it possible that dogs hold the key to solving the phobia of thunder for human children?  If not dogs, than what can solve this dilemma?  “These questions definitely need to have further study,” said no scientist.

Variety News:  Music and Entertainment

Cookie Monster Gets Tasty Review

Cookie Monster has done it again.  He has a new hit single “Share it, Maybe” that is tearing up the airwaves.  His new single has a familiar topic:  cookies.  This song puts you in the mood for dancing as well as snacking.  When interviewed, in true Cookie Monster style, he was distracted by the free food set out by the management.  The only quote that this reporter could get was, “COOOOOOOKIEEEEEEES!”  Here is his latest video:

Sports News:  Local

Softball Teams Head to Playoffs

The number one seated Seahorses play their first game of the much awaited end-of-the-season playoffs tonight at 7:15.  So far in the tournament, we have seen a series of upsets.  All teams with lower rankings have beaten their higher seated opponents.  This has Coach Jeff a little on edge as he prepares for their first game tonight.  “We can’t count on anything,” he didn’t really say.  “We are in it to win it.”  When speaking to his wife, she shed some light onto his thought process.  “He is determined to win, and yet he wants to be fair to all the players,” she said.  “He was working on his line-up and his field positions late into the night last night.”  Katie, one of the team’s oldest players, is ready to play.  “I feel good about it, I guess,” she said when asked.  She answered, “yes,” when asked if she was excited.  The Seahorses have only lost one game all season, and that was to the Dolphins.  The Dolphin’s chant at the end of the game (“Seahorses, Seahorses we have eaten you for lunch, munch, munch, munch, munch”) has set the tone if there is to be a rematch during playoffs.  The playoff tournament runs through Sunday.  The championship game will be held at 3:00.

Lacrosse Bears beat Waconia 7-0

Last night, in a stunning show of teamwork the Bears shut-out Waconia 7-0.  By the end of the game the Bears were challenged to make as many passes as they could instead of scoring.  They made at total of 31 “quality passes” in the fourth quarter.  In an email the Bears coach had this to say, “Wow what an impressive game last night.  The boys are really jelling as a team and not only is it fun to watch but they are having fun also.”  Nicholas, a defender, didn’t have much to do during this particular game.  He did mess up one of Waconia’s players which helped the Bears regain control of the ball, and move down the field to score.  Nicholas had a tough night because one of the coaches got after him for not paying attention.  There were tears in the car on the way home.  His mother tried to shed a new light on this situation by reminding him that this is the way coaches are most of the time.  “I told him that this was the way this coach showed that he cared.  If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t say anything to him.  I told him that the next time he was reprimanded he should say to himself, ‘he just wants me to be better, he is trying to help me,’ I think he understood by the end of the car ride, but it still broke my heart.”  It is difficult for parents and children starting a sport when most of the team has been playing for years.  Not only is the skill level lacking, but so is the comradery.  The coach seems to be aware of this but is keeping his expectation for skills high.  ” I tell the kids to pass to whoever is open, but we know that does not always happen,” the coach wrote in an email.  “I do yell at the kids when they don’t pass to someone that is open.  These kids know who can catch and pass well and reality is they need to step up and be able to catch a ball a couple times when it is thrown to them, instead of dropping it every time it is thrown to them.  I am hoping that this is the motivation that they need to step up and work a little harder at being able to catch the ball.  It takes a lot of practice….”  Nicholas’ mother was glad that they won, and glad that her defender of a son did not get scored on during the game.

Golf as Matchmaking

Last weekend Sarah and her father invited Sarah’s boy interest to golf with them.  This boy readily accepted.  The three went out on Sunday afternoon to hit 9 holes.  Sarah said she had fun, and that her friend played well.  “He shot a 59,” she said when asked.  Sarah, herself shot a 55, but they were both shooting from the front tees instead of the back ones that she is used to.  Fifty-five is her all time record.  Sarah will attend her final golf lesson next Thursday, and will then begin playing nine holes every Wednesday and Thursday for the next five weeks.  The following week will be the tournament.

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Blogger Seeking Comments

Middle aged white female blogger seeks comments for her sub-par blog.  Writing is poor, but would appreciate positive comments that don’t point that out.  Comments enjoyed are ones that affirm, question and add to the less-than-quality content.   To reply, click on “Leave a Comment” or if there are already some comments click on that link.  Blogger thanks you. (Confidential to lurking colleague:  this means you.  If you need something to talk you into it read this.)

  1. Anna permalink
    July 18, 2012 10:49 am

    Lurking colleague here. I suppose that I’m not really much of an audience if I don’t admit that I’m listening in. Meg, even though I feel like you somehow “own” this little private portion of the big, bad interwebs, I’m still shy about acknowledging that I’m here. Hm. This must be the smallest, tiniest version of what our students feel every day. Note to self: tell them this story. The thing is that I don’t have much to say, just the impulse to say something. You make me laugh, so keep writing – and I’ll keep reading over your shoulder.

    In the meantime –

    • July 18, 2012 12:34 pm

      Oh, my gosh! This is awesome too. I played it and soon all three of my kids were looking over my shoulder and we had that dance down! Thanks for saying hi…and lunch yesterday was so lovely that I am still smiling.

  2. July 21, 2012 7:21 am

    I LOVE THIS. What a great idea for a post. I shall have to remember and steal it someday. :) Right now, I am mentally composing a post about the one-eyed doll. It will be worth the wait. :D

    • July 21, 2012 10:27 am

      Please steal away! It was just a fun little exercise. I can’t wait to hear about the one-eyed doll! You have peaked my curiosity!

  3. July 21, 2012 7:36 am

    Also, Anna, that video was HILARIOUS!!

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