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Hello again.

August 25, 2012

Geez.  Another month has slipped by and nary a post has been written–at least not here.  I have just finished reading a week’s worth of posts because we were out of town last weekend and work started this week.  You all are so wonderful to read!  Bethany has started up a new business.  Check it out here!  I am so happy for her!  Christina’s book, A Field Guide to Now,  is in the world!  If you haven’t ordered one, I highly recommend it.  I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but I can’t wait for when it comes.  I have been anticipating it for a long time.  And Sam.  She began posting again this month.  I was so happy to read her words again.  This post is dedicated to Liz who wrote a wonderful post about the Road to Hell.  I commented about how I have so much to do…that I can’t possibly post.  She just replied to my comment, “No funk allowed! Only funky! :D I want all those things too, and there IS time for it all. It doesn’t take THAT long to write a post. Sometimes I find that if I just sit down and start typing (even nonsense), that a post appears much quicker and easier than if I overthink things in advance.”  Here’s to the nonsense!

Last weekend we went up north with my family to Sugar Lake Lodge.  I attended a conference there last September, and it is just as beautiful of a spot in the summer as in the fall.  My parents and my sister and her family were there and we spent two nights and three days hanging out by the pool and playing cards.  My mom and I laughed until the tears came and we both tortured my (almost) teen-aged niece.  She was so over us by Sunday.  My whole family except for my Dad played volleyball on Sunday, and only my niece really plays.  I haven’t attempted to touch a volleyball since high-school gym class.  And in high-school I totally sucked.  It was so much fun, except that my husband kept rolling his eyes whenever I missed the ball–which was really every time it came to me.  I am old!  And out of shape!  And uncoordinated!  Gosh.  I thought he already KNEW that about me.

The worst part of the trip?  I got a speeding ticket.  I was coming up around a teeny-tiny bend in the road and saw the state trooper there.  I braked, but it was too late.  He just stuck his hand out and waved two fingers  at me to pull over.  Crap.  But wait, it gets worse.  My KIDS were in the car.  They promptly began freaking out thinking I was going to be carted off to the big house.  And then?  I reached down for my purse?  No.  NO.  No purse.  Double crap.  I had stopped to get gas about twenty miles earlier and I left my purse in the bathroom.  So, then my kids were convinced that I would be hand-cuffed, thrown against the side of my mini-van and force to lie down face to the ground before the paddy-wagon arrived.  There were tears.  The officer was very nice and pleasant.  He reassured my three tear-stained children that I would not be arrested.  Then I had to tell him about the purse situation.  He knew where I had stopped (I had no idea the name of the gas station) and he called to make sure they had my purse for me.  I was really hoping that he would give me a warning (crying kids…come on man, give me a break!) but no.  He did give me a warning for driving without a license though.  I haven’t called to pay that yet, so I don’t know how much that will set me back, but he told me that he dropped my speed down from 73 mph to 65, so that should save me some dough.  After the ticket, I had to drive back to Sunny’s Gas ‘n Go (name partially made up) to retrieve my purse.  I was actually glad he stopped me, because if I had driven all the way to Grand Rapids then I would have had to drive all the way back to Hill City…and that would have taken me at least an hour, probably more.  Especially since I couldn’t speed.  Talk about cramping my style.

On the work front, I am ready for next week.  I have my whole first unit planned and ready.  All handouts are copied except three that I have to do next week.  I am teaching three sections of the lower level course and one section of the higher level course.  SIXTEEN credits.  I have never done this many credits.  Last fall I had twelve and I could barely get by, and they were all the same course.  This semester, I am adding more students and another prep.  The money will be good, but I am scared.  I may never get back here, and I may have to rent out my children to a childless couple and hire a stand in wench for my husband.  I am excited to start.  I have worked hard all summer.  I have read a lot of professional books.  I have met with colleagues and had great conversations about teaching, students, philosophy and requirements.  I could use another month for that.  I am excited that I have a good framework for my lower level class.  I have named my units and I will try to continue re-vamping the curriculum throughout the semester.  I am anxious to meet my students.  I hope I can talk them into working hard, and caring about their education.  I am keeping my mission at the forefront:  “Making the World a More Literate Place.”  That is my first goal.  My next goal?  Keeping my students engaged so that they finish my class.  That one is a hard one.  Any suggestions?  (Handcuffs?  Duct Tape?  Abduction and torture?  Bribery?)  Let me know if you have any that would keep me employed and out of prison.  My kids would just be so upset about that.

  1. August 29, 2012 3:25 pm

    Oh man, I feel for you about the ticket! My one and only speeding ticket was ten years ago, and I still get stressed remembering it. I can only imagine how the crying children and lost purse “enhanced” the situation. I’m thinking a nice glass of wine is in order (if you haven’t had one already). :) And sixteen credits?? You go, Wonder Woman!

    • September 7, 2012 9:14 pm

      Yes. There was stress. And there IS stress. Sixteen credits is scary! xoxo

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