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Done and Done

December 26, 2012

I am done posting grades!  I am so excited and everyone in my house is asleep.  (Jeff is sleeping on Sarah’s floor…bedtime story fail!)  This has been such a long semester.  Sixteen credits really kept me busy.  Between working full-time and being the primary parent, I am tired.  T-I-R-E-D.  I feel like I have been in crisis mode since August.  I have reread some of my “recent” posts to see where I left off, and wow.  I left off a long time ago.

Soccer season came and went with no real impact, except on dinner and time.  We ate on the fly, and hardly ever had everyone around the table at the same time.  Jeff coached Sarah’s team again, and I was the sole parent in charge of Nicholas and Katie’s participation.  There were no big victories, it was just a great way to get my kids outside running around.

School for me was a bit overwhelming.  I assign too much homework.  I can’t keep up with the grading.  I have high standards for myself.  I think papers should be handed back as quickly as possible.  Like the next day.  I had so much grading that it was impossible to do that.  I don’t like it.  I am trying to think of ways to make this easier from my end, and I will tweak how I do things for next semester.  However, I won’t have as many students next semester, so I am not sure it is a suitable experiment!

I am slotted to teach a course that I have never taught before.  A study skills course.  It is college level and meets three days a week.  So far there are only two students registered for the course.  I am fine with it being cancelled, it will be so much work to create a new course.  But.  I am also kind of looking forward to teaching 11 credits next semester.  That pretty much guarantees that I will not run out of money this summer.  So.  It is a win-win.  No class?  Less stress.  More time.  Class?  More money!  More experience.  More marketability.  The marketability is important because they are posting two permanent positions in the Reading department this month.  It is probably already posted.  I haven’t checked lately.  This is a great opportunity for me.  If I would get this job, I would be able to choose my schedule…kind of.  The more senior instructors would choose theirs first, but I would get to choose mine before the schedule was done for the adjuncts.  There is a possibility that I could teach all my courses during the day while my kids are at school.  I would also get an office.  I could possibly get rid of the messy table in my living room!  I would also be guaranteed 16 credits in the fall and 12 in the spring.  Full Time.  I could also carry our family’s health insurance.  There are, as you can see, many advantages to getting this job.  There are also some disadvantages.  I would HAVE to work full time.  No wiggle room.  No flexibility.  No choice.  I would have to be on committees and do all of the “extra” things that I haven’t been doing because I didn’t have to.  My time at work would be significantly longer.  And, the big one for me, is that there are others in my department who deserve this job more than I do.  They are there all the time, and serve on committees already.  They are fantastic teachers.  They know their stuff.  I am still learning.  Plus they are my friends.  I will feel bad if I get a job and they don’t.  So, this is a lose-lose.  If I don’t get the job, I will be bummed.  It will hurt my feelings.  How can it not?  And if I do get the job, I will feel bad, and guilty.  I wish they could just hire all of us.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get my (late) Christmas cards out.  I will check on the posting mentioned above.  I hopefully will have a house full of kids because tomorrow is the only day that a playdate can happen in my house.

I had a very merry Christmas.  How was yours?


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