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Graditude for Today

July 2, 2013

What a day!  The sun was shining, and  a cool breeze blew in from the open windows.  Blue sky glistened and there were smiles everywhere.  The weather this spring was less than good.  We had snow well into May and then rain.  Storms and Rain.  (Yes, I meant to capitalize it.)  This makes  me appreciate this week even more.  And the best part is that this coolish (80 degrees F.) weather is going to hang around for the rest of the week.

Last year at this time we tried frying an egg on the pavement.  Temperatures were in the high 90s and 100 wasn’t a shock.  The contrast is stunning.  Welcome to Minnesota.

Today was just a nice summer day.  I finished a book, The Sea of Monsters, which is the second one in the Percy Jackson (The Lightning Thief) series, this morning.  I read my blogs.  I checked Facebook, which is a treat.  And then I went down stairs to eat breakfast with my kids.  Cereal.  Yum.  I hardly ever eat cereal.  I just puttered around, playing Solitaire and hanging out until late morning.  It was wonderful.  I taught the children how to play Solitaire last week and we are all hooked now.  It is fun to see them practicing their shuffling and having another thing that they can do on their own.

We met my mom for lunch.  My dad is 80, and he is struggling with dementia.  It is such a hard thing, dementia, Alzheimer’s, whatever you want to call it.  It is hard on him because he is losing his independence, but it is hard on my mom as well.  She suddenly has to do EVERYTHING and has the added task of taking care of my dad.  His doctor told him he can’t drive anymore.  He can’t make financial decisions anymore.  And he has been my Aunt’s power of attorney for EVER but now he has been relieved of that duty too.  When he talks about it, he talks like it is a temporary sickness, but we all know better.  It breaks my heart.  My mom had to drive my dad to his luncheon that he has once a month with some of the fellas from church.  She was in the neighborhood, so we took her out for lunch.  It was so fun.  I hope she had fun too.

We went to the pet store after lunch to see if there were any cute animals, and to buy Franklin a Thunder Shirt.  Fireworks are torture for him, and we are gone, so we are going to try it tomorrow and Thursday.  We also went to the dollar store to buy junk more playing cards, squirt guns, and glow necklaces for tomorrow night.

When we got home the kids went to play with some neighbors and then, poof!  It was time to get ready for Katie’s softball game.  She won!  It was a perfect night to be out, and her game was over just as the bugs began to get hungry.  We are back home now, and our windows are open.  I am so grateful for today!

How was your day?

  1. July 4, 2013 3:34 pm

    Hard about your dad, I’m sorry to hear it. :( Sounds like you had a perfect summer day, though :)

    • July 15, 2013 6:10 am

      It sucks about my dad. But what do you do? There is nothing you can do, except support and care for both my dad and my mom. Ugh. It is such an awful thing to happen. Thanks for the support. :)

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