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Becoming one with Nature

July 14, 2013

Today was another beautiful summer day.  We had sunshine.  We had a cool-ish breeze.  We had the afternoon.  Katie wanted to go to the Nature Center that is within walking distance from our house.  We don’t usually walk because it takes about 45 minutes to walk there, and about 5 minutes to drive there.  There are some trumpeter swans living there this summer.

We decided;  Why not?  It is summer!

So off we went.

Can you see the swan in the back of the photo?  That is as close as we got.


We began in the building.  We saw all the usual suspects:  Turtles, Snakes, a toad, newts…Upstairs there were birds.  A Red-tailed Hawk, a Barred Owl, and a falcon-ish bird that isn’t a falcon.  We also hung out and watched a couple of Turkeys eat around the bird feeders.

But the big attraction was going to be catching bugs in the water.  You can get a bucket of supplies for free, you just have to leave a driver’s license in their care while you go out in search of the weirdest bug.





We had a discussion about what this bug was.  We had to take a picture and ask a naturalist when we hiked back to the building.  Any guesses?

It was such a fun afternoon!  I wonder why we don’t go there more often?  We really should!

  1. July 15, 2013 12:29 pm

    I can’t remember if you have a smartphone, but if so, there is an app called Project Noah that allows you to upload photos of critters and plants and other people will help you identify it. Pretty cool!

    • July 15, 2013 8:49 pm

      That sounds awesome! I do have a new iphone that I got in April. I am still scared of it, mostly. I have to figure it out before school starts!

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