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Hot, hot hot!

July 18, 2013

The hot days and nights continue in the Upper Midwest.  Everything seems to be drooping.  Branches hang from our favorite trees, or do they always hang?  Perhaps we all feel the heaviness of the humidity so we project the load onto everything.  As soon as skin hits the outdoors a thin, slick film of perspiration forms.  Clothing feels damp and sticky.  I feel stinky all the time, no matter how often I shower.  It doesn’t matter.

The sun is relentless, baking bodies without mercy.  My back and forehead are still peeling.  Shade seems to be in short supply, and if you find some?  It always seems to be dappled shade, so a few spots cook, while the rest of your body tries to feel the coolness of the shade.

Remember in May?  It was snowing?  And in June?  When I carried a sweatshirt to baseball and softball?  Along with a blanket?  Welcome to July.  The height of summer.

We have been in a heat advisory since Tuesday morning.  I think we will stay here until the rain comes to our rescue, which may be tomorrow…we’ll see.

I have been working a lot this week.  My goal was to get my course schedule finished for the first TWO units by my meeting at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  I am finished with my first unit, and ready to begin my next one.  I wonder how far I will get?  I hope to at least get something sketchy down.  It takes so long for me to work in such detail.  I am trying to estimate how long each homework assignment will take to complete in order to assist my students with time management skills.  Course schedules are great, once they are done.  I am hoping to have my whole semester done before school starts.  I envy people who can whip these things out in a couple of hours.  It takes me days, weeks….   I have never had one for the whole semester.  I have only had one for my first unit.  This year I am integrating two units together for my first unit, so technically, I have done two.  I still have to do my daily plans and write a new test, but at least I have a skeletal road map to follow.


Summer is going so fast.  I wish I could slow it down!


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