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Phone Home!

July 22, 2013

When I was Sarah’s age, I could use the phone.  I called my friends a lot, mostly to get together.  We lived sort of close, and could walk to each other’s houses, but we also got rides because all of my best friends lived across the busy street.  By the time I was in fifth grade my parents had splurged for a second phone line in our house.  My sister is six years older than I am so she was on the phone all. the. time.  I shared a line with her, and when she moved out it was my phone number:  869-5535.  It was a great number.  And, I was spoiled.  Totally.

I remember we used to unscrew the mouth-piece to the phone and take out the microphone so we could listen to phone calls when one friend called boys on another friend’s behalf.  They couldn’t hear the muffling then, and we could hear both sides of the conversation.  Those dumb boys didn’t even know we were all together!  I also asked for a “speaker” for my birthday or Christmas or some such occasion.  Remember Charlie’s Angels?  Remember the “speaker” that was really “Charlie”?  It was just like that.  We would have party calls with that!

I had the longest phone cords that I could find.  My line was only in the two back bedrooms, my old bedroom (now a guest room) and my sister’s old bedroom (now my bedroom).  When my friends slept over we wanted to be in the family room where the T.V. lived, so we would bring out the 50 foot cord and then I had the 10 foot curly cord as well.  We could sit comfortably on the couch and reach the phone.  We may have died otherwise, right?

That phone line was my ticket to the world outside my house.  I could put my ringer on low, and then people could call me at all hours of the night.  And they did.  All through middle school and high school, that phone stayed right by my head so I could answer before the first ring was through.  I loved my phone.

Sarah’s big gift for her 12th birthday was a cell phone.  She will be going into middle school, and I wanted to make sure she had a way to get a hold of me if some evil 8th grade boys were harassing her.  She didn’t call her friends much before.  Hardly ever, as a matter of fact.  She also didn’t have an ipod touch, only an ipod shuffle.  So, for the past five days I have seen her move away from me (and the rest of the family) at break-neck speed.  Most of her friends have ipod touches.  She is texting all the time.  She is so excited that she can read her fan fiction anywhere in the house and she doesn’t have to sit at the computer.  It seems like time is stuck on fast forward.  I guess it is so weird because I didn’t see this coming.  I am kind of shocked.  And, I am not sure how I feel about it.  I am hesitant, and worried on one hand…she has the internet and all the crazy risks that go along with that in the palm of her hand.  But I am happy on the other, because she is socializing more than I have ever seen her socialize–ever.  That makes me happy.  She is growing up so fast.  Geez.

She got an iphone 4s.  And she loves it.  And she is spoiled.  Totally.

  1. July 25, 2013 4:51 am

    Too funny! I was never much of a one for using the phone; partly because we moved so much and partly because we lived most of that time period when I would have used it overseas and it was too expensive. So I never got into the phone thing. My kids, though? GLUED to the phones. With texting and everything else, but rarely actual phone conversations!

    • July 25, 2013 10:58 pm

      I think it is weird. Why don’t they want to talk and have actual conversations? I don’t get it. (As I am typing a reply on a blog…hmmmm.)

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