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Blueberry Bust

July 28, 2013

This morning the first thing we did was visit our very own garden to harvest some raspberries.  Katie had harvested earlier in the week, and she measured enough out for black raspberry muffins which Jeff made the next morning.  These were regular, red raspberries, but just so you know, they are just as good dressed in red.


This morning we needed more muffins.  Katie and I brought out a measuring cup and came up with just enough to make another batch.  Once we put them in the oven, I suggested to my berry-pickin’-lovin’ husband that we should see if there were any places to go to pick blueberries.  He was all for that idea, but we had to be home by 1:00 because he had to go help his dad with something.

We kicked it into gear…I showered at break-neck speed.  He made bacon while the muffins baked, all the kids scrambled to get dressed and find stuff to keep them occupied in the car.  The place we were going was an hour away.  The kids ate breakfast in the car.  I knitted.  Jeff drove.


We were happily listening to The Splendid Table when the road we were supposed to take was CLOSED.  Crap.  We drove down dirt roads looking for a paved way to get there.  We got lost and saw horses and cows and beautiful gardens.  If there was a whole day in front of us without the deadline, I would have loved to have stopped to take pictures.  It was fantastic landscape.



In one of the books from Narnia, one of the boys says, “That’s the trouble with girls, they don’t have maps in their heads.”  Or something close to that.  In the case of my husband and I, it is correct.  I don’t have anything remotely like a map in my head, yet he seems to know where he is going when we are completely lost.  I have no idea how he does this.  But we got there, just as if the roads we were taking were the marked detour.

We had to travel through a cornfield to get to the tent where people work and hand out containers.  It was so cool.


But we didn’t see any blueberries.  At.  All.  We saw some awesome raspberries, but no blueberries.  I am not shy.  So I marched on ahead of my family to the tent and said to the college students, “We just drove an hour to come and pick blueberries, are we going to be disappointed?”  And by the looks on their faces, I knew we were.  The blueberries were gone.  I did mention that their website said they were open for picking blueberries today, and that it was updated yesterday.  I believe it said, “Blueberries open for picking Saturday and Sunday, July 27 & 28!”  Their answer was:  “That’s what we’re afraid of…”  They were actually really nice and told us we could try to get a couple of pints of blueberries, but it was slim pickings (HA!).  We decided not to.

So, we picked raspberries.  There were millions of raspberries.  And they were beautiful.  It was a beautiful cool morning with sun shining on the glimmering red berries.  They looked like jewels hanging from the bushes.  We only picked for about an hour and harvested 14 pints of berries.  Oh!  I love picking berries!  It is such a fun field trip to take as a family.  We are so lucky that we have pick-your-own farms relatively close to us.


IMG_0323IMG_0325 IMG_0326 IMG_0327

When we got home, Jeff began freezing berries.  I began a pie. Katie helped me with the pie.

IMG_0329 IMG_0330

It wasn’t blueberry, but it was delicious!


  1. July 29, 2013 5:04 am


  2. July 29, 2013 5:21 pm

    Yummmmmm I want to find a berry picking place near us!!

    • July 29, 2013 9:53 pm

      It is so fun! Jeff and I have been picking berries/apples since we were dating, either that or newly married. The years are blending together!

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