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Growing Pains

July 29, 2013

Today I worked all day.  My department declared it a “packing party.”  Even though nobody was really partying, just packing.  I made those tasty raspberry muffins to bring to the bash and stopped by Cub Foods to get some new handle boxes.  I went through all the stuff that was in the corners of my office, the things that I have ignored for quite a while and then I filed what could be filed, and finally I packed.  I filled my boxes.  And emptied my cabinet.  I got all done with the packing of my office of three years.

This is true because I only had four boxes when all was said and done.  Most of my stuff is here at home. I have boxes to fill here as well.  Then, supposedly on August 12, I get to move into my new office.  Yippee!  (I went through where my office will be, I really hope they are done by then!  The renovations seem to be at the torn up stage.)

My kids stayed home while I was at work today.  Everything went fine.  I am hoping that I can get minimal coverage for them when I have to go back to teach, and they are not quite back to school.  It is getting easier because my kids can be left alone now.  I forgot what it felt like to just be able to leave whenever I need to!  But with that comes the heaviness that they are growing up.

The kids and I were all in the living room tonight, and Sarah was in iphoto.  She started looking back at her baby pictures and kept going so we could see Katie and Nicholas’ baby pictures too.  There was a whole lot of evidence that these kids of mine were a lot of work, but oh….they were precious.  They were so adorable.  I was wishing I could pick up those little bodies again and hold them in my arms.  And, I am still so happy to be at the stage I am at with them right now.  It is so conflicting to think about.


Sarah the star


Sarah, Ralphie and me






Katie and Nicholas

Jeff’s mom is not doing well right now.  It is so sad.  We all know, rationally, that Alzheimer patients don’t get better, but it is so hard to watch her get worse.  Those pictures were therapeutic for us.  We laughed at the silly pictures and then Nicholas was sad.  I let him be sad.  I just hugged him until he was ready to read.

How was your day today?


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