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Down came the rain

August 6, 2013

We had such an exciting night tonight!  Jeff and I agree, we are old.

After dinner, Katie went outside to swing.  Nicholas went outside to shoot pucks in the street.  Jeff went out with Nicholas.  I did the dishes.  (Sarah was at a friend’s house.)

It was eerie outside.  Kind of too dark for the time of day.  The light–yellowish.  I heard a bit of thunder in the distance, and Katie came inside.  “It’s THUNDERING!”  I told her she better swing while there was still time.  She said it was kind of creepy outside.  But then she skipped back out the door.  Nicholas got done with his shooting, and Katie came in simultaneously.  Lightning.

Ten minutes later big huge drops of rain began to fall.  The drops were slow, and the large quarter-sized polka-dots began filling our patio.  About two minutes later, Nicholas said, “IT’S HAILING!”  We, being exemplary parents, ignored him.  He continued to try and talk us into believing him, “REALLY! LOOK!  IT’S HAILING!”  We went about our business.  The phone rang and I looked outside when I answered it.  It was HAILING.  HUGE HAIL.  On the phone was my friend who had Sarah at her house playing with her daughter.  She told me she was going to wait out the storm and then bring Sarah home as I kept saying, “IT’S HAILING!  REALLY!”  She got off the phone with me quickly.


Nicholas then escaped from the house while I was in mid-sentence, “DON’T GO—-   outside.”  He was dancing in the hail.  The wind was gusting.  GUSTING.  Our outside umbrella was threatening to take off–so I risked life and limb to go crank it down.  I ushered Nicholas back inside and we were all in awe.  The hail was the size of golf balls.  It was loud as it banged against our house and roof.  Franklin was a very shaky dog.


It lasted for maybe 20 minutes, but the rain was torrential.  We had a river running through our back yard reminiscent of when the snow melts in the spring.  The wind took down branches and leaves.  The hail dotted our lawn.  The best part?  We wouldn’t let anyone turn on the television.  Those weather people freak everyone out!  We just enjoyed the storm.  It was like in the old days, storms were exciting.  A little bit of danger dipping a toe into your life.  I know there have been many horrible storms that have devastated whole communities.  This was not like that.  It was more than rain and a little thunder and lightning, but still not life threatening.  It was a good old-fashioned storm!  (And I wasn’t even scared!  I usually am!)  (Okay, I was a tiny bit nervous for like three seconds, but that was it.  REALLY!  I SWEAR!  WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME?  I WAS HARDLY SCARED AT ALL!!!)




  1. August 8, 2013 3:16 am

    Whee!! Man, I mss those good old American thunderstorms! We are having a mild Swedish one right now, but in comparison? LAME!

  2. August 12, 2013 5:06 am

    I don’t know if this would be something I would long for….I am not a great person in a storm. This one, however was fun! I really attribute it to NOT watching the news. They get me all whipped up. It was just exciting to see the hail and hear it pounding against the side of the house. I felt like a little kid!

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