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The Last Night of Summer (and The Morning After)

August 21, 2013

Summer is back full force with the heat and the humidity that makes skin slick and sticky.  Today was lived in the “between” times trying to get one more thing completed before tomorrow.  I worked for a good chunk of time this morning writing test questions for a booth I have to help run at our “State Fair of Assessment” that is going to happen on Thursday.  Our booth is going to be the Duck Pond and we have to share with the rest of the college what we have been working on as a department in the assessment area.  Since we have been revising our pre- and post-tests one needed to be written for our booth.  This, of course, has nothing to do with getting ready for my own teaching.

To be fair, I am ready for my first week.  I only have a couple of things to put in to be copied tomorrow.  And, I have to revise a few of my online components.

I may be “ready” but I am so NOT ready.  I am still in summer mode.


It is morning now.  The inky black night holds on and the crickets still sing.  I need to get into the shower, print some last-minute things, load the car and GO.  I haven’t unpacked my office yet.  I would like to get there and have a little time.  Time to unpack and be quiet.  Time to acclimate to this new beginning.  It is a whole new year, in a whole new office, with a whole new set of promises and problems.

In spite of really just wanting to go back to bed, dream the dreams that come with morning dozing, I am still excited.  Last night I was full of dread, but this morning the promises out weigh the problems, at least for now.  I feel like it is divine intervention that I am up already.  There was no alarm clock set.  Now I need God to help me figure out what to wear on this already-hot-and-the-sun’s-not-even-up day.

I better go shower.


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