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Ahhhh. And RANDOM!

August 22, 2013

The first two days are over.  I am tired, but in a good way.  I am still in denial that I will have to walk into a classroom on Monday afternoon.  There is so much to accomplish before then, that it seems like a long way away.

My office is mostly unpacked.  I have one more box to file away.  The next big task is going to be finding and buying bookshelves.  I hope I can find the perfect shelves.  I also need a new candy dish.  And maybe a new pen holder?  I NEED to go to the office store.  (I can’t wait.)  I also have to go to Kinko’s to get an image blown up into a poster.  I also have to hang my lights and possibly look for a cute little lamp.  My office is the only office that is WHITE.  No accent wall.  HOSPITAL WHITE.  It is glare-y and I get headache-y.  I need to decorate in order to bring some warmth into it. I have some ideas.  I have already hung some pictures.  I am so excited to have my own office!  Oh.  It is such a HUGE privilege!

Have you ever noticed when you are really tired and you sit down, you don’t relax right away?  My body is always super tense.  I have been sitting in the over-sized chair that I love and my feet are on the ottoman.  I can feel how my limbs are getting heavier.  How they are sinking down into the chair and ottoman.  I finally had to lay my head back because it is getting to heavy to hold up.  And, now I am starting to yawn.  I don’t want to move.

The kids are all up in bed waiting for me to kiss them goodnight.  No stories from me tonight.  I wouldn’t be able to focus.  Jeff is up reading his stories to them as I am writing to you.  I can hear the murmur of his voice lilting through his story.  What a gift my children have, with their father reading to them.  I don’t think that my dad ever read to me.  And, the “read to” part of literacy is so important, through-out their lives.  I hope he never stops.

Now Nicholas is rubbing my sore, sore feet.  He is the best son EVER.


  1. September 8, 2013 10:11 pm

    You’re back to it! I hope your first few weeks have gone well, and look forward to hearing about them. Thanks for the birthday post on FB, and I hope to join you in this wonderful blogging world soon. For now, a warm hug to you, and the news that I’m going back to work half time, first day is tomorrow! I’m very excited and look forward to sharing more soon.

    My father read to me a lot growing up. It is one of my happiest childhood memories.


    • November 1, 2013 7:26 am

      I read this a long time ago, but I haven’t been back here to comment. I am so excited to hear about your part-time job! I think that is fabulous. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you are doing well!

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