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All is Well

November 5, 2013

I couldn’t get into the doctor yesterday.  I had to cover two classes for a colleague who had a student die (!) and was attending her funeral.  (Can you even imagine?  She was 18 years old and died in her sleep.  Tragic.)   I also had my own class to teach and many mom responsibilities–which were really taxi service responsibilities.  My window was really from 8 AM-9 AM.  Doctor’s offices are not usually so accommodating.

When I woke up today with the same pain that I have been experiencing since last Thursday, I decided to be a little more assertive, and a little more flexible.  I got in for an ultrasound.  I love my doctor.  This is why I didn’t go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room over the weekend.  I didn’t want anyone else poking and prodding me.  Today, I got to my appointment 20 minutes early and they were dealing with an emergency.  So up front I knew that they were running 30 minutes behind.  I got so much work done!  It was awesome.  It kept my mind off any alarming predictions of diagnosis, and WOOT!  I got a lot done!

Thankfully, I am fine.  (THANK GOODNESS!)  I had a procedure years ago and apparently there is a “degeneration” underneath the scar tissue that needs to be “cleaned out.”  I have no time for surgery right now, so I requested that we wait until after Christmas. I got the stamp of approval.  They will also scope my uterus to make sure every thing is A-Okay.  Super fun.  But, whew!  I was nervous.  More importantly, Katie and Sarah were worried about me, I wanted to put their minds to rest.

  1. November 8, 2013 11:16 am

    I am really glad you were assertive and got yourself checked out. I hope you are feeling less anxious. After this year, I believe now more than ever in being downright demanding about your own health. Thankful it is something that can be fixed. My own poor mom is putting off her own surgery until I can get this baby born. Bless her.

    • November 8, 2013 10:37 pm

      I have had this thing going on for quite a while, and it has just progressively gotten more uncomfortable, which is why I spoke to my doctor about it (cough) last February (cough). Last weekend I was in A LOT of pain and that was different. And, it lasted longer than ever. Again, different. So, I was getting a bit nervous. The girls, though, were really nervous. I didn’t want them to worry. Plus, if it was something, well, then we needed to get on it! Thanks you for your kind words, and, yes…bless your own mama for waiting until you get that baby boy born! I am so excited about that! Woot!

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