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Oh, happy day!

November 15, 2013

Today my oven door got fixed, and the guy had an extra light bulb to throw in there so it is perfect!  I have to bake some brownies for a party that I have tonight, and now I can.

My dishwasher stopped working this past week.  While the guy was here, I asked if he could look at it, and he did.  He figured out the problem, ordered the part and taught me how to fix it myself when the part arrives!  Sweet!

Today I brought Sarah to school and got her all signed up for her 6th grade trip to Eagle Bluff.  We met two of her friends in the hall, so I have an EXCITED kid.  She has been so upset and worried about this trip, she really wanted to go, but she still doesn’t have many friends, and she didn’t want to go if there were no friends going.  Win!

I was supposed to go into school this morning to work on a new course proposal, but because of the oven guy, I couldn’t.  The fact that it is only 9:40 AM right now, means that I have bought some TIME to do some grading!

Today I have to put together a basket for a hockey fundraiser.  I have to shop for that this afternoon.  I am thinking a his and hers basket.  Fishing lures, a massage, and a gift card to a fancy restaurant.  I will be reimbursed $160, but I will probably donate as much myself.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed because I have SO much to accomplish today.  I have started out on the right foot, and so I better move on to the grading before I get too comfy here on the cozy internet.

Send good thoughts my way to stay motivated!

  1. November 17, 2013 11:52 pm

    What does it say that my husband is one that gets the massages (at the chiropractor’s office!) and not me? I am always at a loss of what to get him for his birthday and he just loves a massage. He deserves it! :)

    • November 22, 2013 12:07 am

      My husband like him some massage as well. He usually doesn’t spend the money on it though. But I have no problem doing that!

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