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Christmas Eve

December 24, 2013


Well, the cards are not done.  They are printed and sitting in a box waiting to be stuffed into envelopes and mailed.  I have one package that also needs to be mailed, and two gift cards I need to purchase.  I have to drop off some donations and get my car washed and deliver the cookies to the neighbors and make the cheesy potatoes for dinner tonight.

Otherwise, I am ready.  I am finally able to breathe a little.  It has been a sprint to get here, and now I can jog a little.  I still need to be RUNNING though.  I spent last week grading, almost constantly and shopping.  Sarah put all the lights on the tree with a little help from Katie but mostly by herself.  If she hadn’t done that, I don’t think the tree would be done yet.  We decorated last Sunday.


This was the week of School Plays and Choir Concerts with a sprinkling of Hockey for good seasoning.  Katie was the mirror in The Rockin’ Story of Snow White.  She stole the show.  She was sassy, and loud enough so everyone could hear her.  She did a solo RAP.  She wore sparkles from head to toe and carried a large mirror over her stomach.  She was also one of the evil queen’s bats.  She was awesome.  And, yes I know that I am totally bragging about my kid, but SHE WAS, I SWEAR!

IMG_0685Bad, distant iphone photo, but you can see her mirror!

The next night was the choir concert, which was…long, to be honest.  I love to see my kids sing, but the rest?  I don’t know.  It was low energy.  It started at 7:15, which was late to begin with, and by the time it ended I was elated!

Nicholas had to miss the play because he was busy scoring a goal and winning a game.  He also beat another team on Sunday.

IMG_0677Jeff has been working hard on the ice rink!

But now, it is Christmas!  And we celebrated last night, just the five of us, like we do every year with lasagna in the dining room, kids doing dishes, opening our presents and ending the night with Jeff asleep on the chair and the kids and I singing Silent Night by the light of the Christmas tree.  It was a great start.

We will go to my parents tonight, possibly for the last time.  My parents will move into Assisted Living in January, and I am not sure if they will host next year.  Their apartment is much smaller than their current town house.  So, that is a little sad for me.  I have ALWAYS spent Christmas eve at my parents.  This will also be the first Christmas that Jeff’s mom won’t be here.  We will go to the nursing home to visit her, but Ugh.  It is all so sad to see your parents grow old.

IMG_0680Jeff’s Mom’s Manger Scene, now in our house

But despite the sad-tinge, it is still a happy time.  There are cookies!  And three kids who still have the wonder in their hearts.  That helps me to keep it in my heart as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. December 26, 2013 6:20 am

    Your tree is stunning!! How fun to go to concerts and plays…we never had much of that here in Sweden, sadly. And I feel for you, about the parents. So sad. I’m thrilled my mom is here, it’s such a wonderful gift for us to have her, even if it’s too short a time as always. Hey! I just saw it’s snowing on your blog! HEE!! Merry Christmas Megsie! You make my whole year brighter, you do.

  2. December 31, 2013 9:42 am

    Thank you Liz! You are one of my treasured gifts!

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