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How My Parents Met

June 3, 2014

I was working on my remaining tasks for The Magic of Myth class today.  I know that the website is going to close down soon, and I really want to finish it!  So, I went back to the April 10th class.  I had commented on that post, but I wanted to figure out where my BRAIN was.  I also went back in my Writer’s Notebook to see what I had written.  It is amazing how my thinking throughout the first three (four?) weeks shifted around.  I just shake my head and say a prayer of thanks that I talked myself into signing up for this class.

Anyway, there were many questions that were asked at the end of Elizabeth’s posts. We were invited to answer them, or not.  We could go our own way if the spirit moved us, or we could list out each question and answer them.  I did both.  Some days my thinking was already off and I ignored the questions, some days I needed the questions to find out what direction I wanted to go, some days I took one question and ran with it.

Now I really need those questions, because the flow of the class has been interrupted.  Therefore, I began re-reading and re-thinking the questions I had answered.  Finally, I found where I had left off, with this question:

How did your parents meet?

And, I didn’t know.

So, I called my mom.  Here is the story:

My mom worked in Minneapolis, close to downtown.  She was a Dental Assistant, and loved it.  Those were the days where you went out to lunch with your work friends every single day.  They would go to Murray’s on Wednesdays (I think?) because they always had a fashion show during lunch. 

My mom, Mary Helen, and Jane went to lunch at a bar (the name long forgotten, but the sandwiches that were piled high with roast beef clearly recalled) one day in early to mid April, 1962. 

My dad saw them come in.  I don’t know who he was with, but he was working at NCR at that time.

When my mom and her friends were getting ready to leave, my dad approached her.  “I’d like to meet you,” he said.

When my mom caught up with her friends she was a bit flustered.  “I gave him my phone number, and I don’t know if I should have done that!” she told Mary Helen and Jane.  Jane remarked, “You never know, you’ll probably marry him.”

My mom remembers that he came to her birthday party that year.  Her birthday is April 28th.  She doesn’t remember their first date, but she knows they went to some movies and went to Matt’s Bar a lot.  My dad and his friends lived across the street from Matt’s.

They dated one month before they were engaged.  They got married on September 23, 1962. My dad’s birthday.


I can’t believe how fast it all was!  My mom was 26 when they got married.  Contrast that with me:  I dated Jeff for SEVEN years before we got married!  However I was 16 when we met.  That is all the information she gave me, but I think it would be fun to ask my dad from his perspective too.  I will have to do that the next time he is having a good day.

This was just ONE question that was posed for our class. There were many more, and all so interesting and engaging.  It is like taking a class on yourself!  So wonderful.  Thank you Elizabeth!  Without this question, I would have never known this story!

Do you know how your parents met?

  1. June 4, 2014 2:20 pm

    Did my comment come through?? WordPress hates me.

    • June 4, 2014 10:07 pm

      Oh, dear. Just remember that I love you!

  2. June 4, 2014 2:22 pm

    Trying again…Awwww, that was great! My parents met in college. I’ve heard the story but it’s been awhile and the details are fuzzy. Think I’ll have mom relate it when we’re there this summer and the kids can here. And maybe I can get my grandmother who is turning 98 right as we get there, tell the story of how she and my grandad met :)

    • June 4, 2014 10:06 pm

      That is a great idea!! I hope you can share it with us. I love stories like that!

  3. June 4, 2014 2:22 pm

    HA! worked!

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