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Just a little patience

June 4, 2014

Tonight was Nicholas’ night.  He and Katie are both playing ball on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Jeff and I switch kids.  I like watching Nicholas and Katie.  It is the rest of the team that is the problem.

Being a teacher is hard.  It means I have expectations for behavior of other people’s kids.  I am sort of hard-wired now to correct behavior of Elementary aged kids and it is a hard habit to break.  It was nice to have these expectations during my years as a Girl Scout Leader.  It is also nice because whenever Jeff coaches ANYTHING I stress the importance of DISCIPLINE.

Nicholas’ baseball team needs some DISCIPLINE.  Right. Now.  By the end of the game tonight I was ready to blow a gasket.  Kids were being sneaky and putting a bat between a teammate’s legs and pulling up quickly….ouch.  They were sitting on the end of bats and others were kicking the bats.  They were climbing the fence in front of the bench.  They were pulling grass and throwing it at each other.  They were sword fighting with the bats.  They were doing anything you can imagine, except paying attention to the game.  And the (four!) coaches were doing NOTHING.

I yelled a couple of times to sit down so we could see.  (Okay, maybe more than just a couple.)  I also yelled at some of the butt poking boys to stop being gross, which got the coaches attention enough to say, “Knock it off.”

Poor Nicholas, he can’t join in the fun because he looks at me and knows.  He knows I am about to lose it.  What is amazing to me is all of the kid’s parents are sitting right there as well! Nobody says a word.

I may be crazy, but I think it awful.  I think that kids should be expected to act appropriately during organized events.  I know that I have high expectations, and I like to goof around just as much as anyone, just not during a game.  And I feel the same way when Katie’s team is goofy, although her team doesn’t hold a candle to Nicholas’.

We have always supported out City teams.  These are the teams where there are no try-outs, teams are made so they are kept fairly even, and there is not a lot of pressure.  I love that because then if we miss a game, it isn’t a big deal.  It is fun, and light. (Hockey is NOT like that.  It is very serious.)  However, after this year, I think I am going to support going to a traveling team.  I don’t want to, because it is very serious.  I don’t think we need to be very serious all year round,  but I can’t stand the behavior and lack of respect that I saw tonight.  It is sad.

I hope I can find a little more patience so I am not so worked up the next time Nicholas plays.  I really like watching him and Katie play ball.  It is all the other kids that I could do without.

P.S.  I would like to add:  If the coaches set high expectations for the kids, I am certain that the kids would rise to the occasion.  Many are joining in because nothing is done when you are goofing around.  Baseball can be boring, so who wouldn’t want to goof around?  If the coaches were engaged and using the time on the bench to teach as they watched the game, my guess is we wouldn’t have a problem.

I will leave you tonight with a little Guns and Roses (This is where I got the title for the post):

  1. June 5, 2014 11:49 am

    I agree, if the coaches were doing something to alleviate the boredom the kids would rise to the standard. I would have probably blown a gasket, too.

    • June 5, 2014 8:54 pm

      Thank you for the solidarity, I was so angry last night I couldn’t think of anything else. I have calmed down. I have also decided that I am not going to stand by when I see the bad behavior. I am just going to tell them to stop. I am good at being nice about it, but someone has to do it. The coaches are all volunteer, and maybe my expectations are misplaced. Maybe I need to volunteer to run the bench.

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