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A most embarrassing moment

September 7, 2016

It was the end of fall semester, and snowy.  I was a sophomore in college.  I had finished my finals and was ready to sell my textbooks back to get some extra Christmas money.  The sell-back place was in the basement, and there was one narrow staircase to go down in order to get there.

Did I mention that it was snowing?

The stairs were steep and covered with black rubber matting.

And it was snowing.

I embarked on the decline, arms loaded with large textbooks.





It was spectacular.  The sound alone:  thud, thud, thuudddd, thud, THUNK.  And, since it was the end of the semester?  EVERYONE was at the bottom of the stairs.


People rushed at me.  I jumped up and acted like I didn’t just fall down very hard, steep stairs.  “I’m fine!  No, really, I am just fine!”

I sold my books without limping or crying or anything.  That could wait until I was back in my dorm room.


So, today I had my Fast Track Class.  I team teach this course with my friend, Jan.  We have dumped our two classes together, so we have 50 students.  They seem to ALL need to talk to us after class, and we are always running late to our next classes.  We are both in the same building across campus.

Today we had to take the tunnels because it was raining, so we were even later, because we usually can take a short cut outside.

So.  We were rushing.

I had many bags and my arms were full of books.

We were entering the building where our classes meet and…


I was on the floor.

People were rushing at me.


I got up and said quickly, “Yes, I’m FINE, really, I’m fine!”

Someone had spilled what looked like a whole bottle of Gaterade on the tile floor.  I was wet because I landed in the puddle.

I went to class.  I entered and told the class that I had fallen and that Josh, my Supplemental Instructor, would hand out the quiz while I went to dry off and assess the damage.

I knew my elbow hurt.  I landed on it.

Yep.  My whole elbow was split and was bleeding.  I tidied up with toilet paper, found some instructor’s offices, asked the nice man at the desk if he had a bandaid so I wouldn’t bleed all over my clothes, and went back to class.

Falling in public.  So awful.  And, YES.  My elbow still hurts. A lot!  Haha!

  1. September 9, 2016 1:39 am

    OW OW! You poor thing! I am glad it’s not worse, you could have broken it! Why didn’t the person who spilled that Gatorade clean it up?? *mad face*

    • September 10, 2016 1:02 pm

      Well, that is a great question. I am choosing to be generous with my blame. In my brain it was someone who had their gatorade in their bag and bumped their bag and it opened and went all over and they didn’t know it. It makes me less likely to be mad, at least!

      By the way, it is fine. The big gash is much better, it just looks like an owie now. It still is sore, and I still can’t lean on it. But it is just fine! :)

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