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The Courage to…

April 22, 2018

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Today the sun is out–and the snow is finally melting.  Last week we were digging ourselves out of the TWO FEET of snow that accumulated in the BLIZZARD.  In April.  The middle of April.

I figured that I could dig myself out of not showing up here for a year and a half.

It does take courage to begin again.  Especially because now that I have decided to sit down and write all the people in the house need to talk to me.  Weird how that happense

I don’t really have much to say.  I just wanted to start.  Starting is the hardest thing for me, and just getting something down might help me come back again.

This morning I looked at the stack(s) of boeks that I have to read.  The one I have chosen for my summer faculty book club was suggested by one of the Deans last summer:  The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer.  I read it twenty years ago, and new it is a new and improved “twentieth anniversary” edition.  I ordered it last week.  It came in the mail on Friday.  I picked it up this morning, and read all of the accolades on the beginning pages.  I am so excited to read it again!  I remember it being hard the first time.  Very academic.  I wonder if it will be as hard this time–twenty years later.  I wonder if I will connect to the words more easily, if it will ring true in a different way.  I remember being so blown away by the concept of disequilibrium.  It taught me that it was normal to be frustrated when learning something.  That if you believe something, and something else proveseyour belief wrong, your brain has a hard time coming to terms with that.  And that is okay.  I wonder if he left that part in the book.  I wonder if there will be more to it than I remember.  I wonder if there are more brilliant nuggets that I missed, or at least don’t remember now.

I have a lot on my plate for the summer (weird, I know), but it is self-inflicted.  I have decided I need to fall in love with my discipline again.  Dig deep.  Read a lot.  Figure out how to love it so much that I can convince my students to love it too.

I thought about beginning a new journal for this journey.  Or to write in my catch-all writer’s notebook.  Or to write here.  I might do a bit of all three.  One thing is for sure, writing is how I love my discipline.  I haven’t done it regularly in a very long time.  And this was a start.  A new beginning.  eScreen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.33.33 AMe

  1. April 22, 2018 10:54 am

    Don’t ask me why there are “e”s by the photos. I couldn’t get the photos to stay on my post! Every time I pushed a button, an “e” would appear in place of the photo. So, at least the photos are theree

  2. April 28, 2018 10:47 am

    I hope you write here! At least part of the time! I am thrilled to see a post by you, now I’m in trying to catch up with reading and there you were! So happy! It’s weird to reread books with that kind of gap inbetween, I think. I reread a LOT but it’s all fiction, which is different. I hope you like your book as much or more than the first time around :)

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